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The Flat Belly Diet
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Is there such a diet as the flat belly diet? A lot of diets that stress getting your midriff to a flat stomach state involve a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears. This pain and suffering comes with nearly starvation and humongous amount of aerobics and weight lifting (the extreme of exercising). But let’s face facts, to lose weight you must change the mind toward being determined that you are going to lose weight no matter what.

To answer the question above is there a flat belly diet without all the grief of most athletic diets? Well I believe I have found one and that is what we will discuss in this article. The area around the stomach or midriff becomes pudgy because this is an area that fat will accumulate and probably one of the hardest spots to eliminate. You can do 500 sit-ups and many other abdominal exercises but that only tones up the muscle hidden by the layer of fat on top. We must get rid of this fat and the other $64,000 question is how do you do that? We must get the food that we consume do this for us. You are probably saying right now, “Are you out of your mind.” Now wait a minute before you hit me with a doughnut. There are foods that are labeled fat burners and negative calorie foods. These are foods that take more calories to digest by the body than the total calorie content of the food. One example is an apple. Some say when you eat an apple which is approximately 80 calories, when the body has digested the apple it used over 90 calories to complete the process.

Above I mentioned a doughnut and I hope it didn’t make you hungry but these types of foods we must stay clear of and any high sugary foods but really you knew that. This brings the subject of mind control which is just as important or more so that the diet itself. We must prepare our minds to push our body to want the flat belly diet and make it work at all costs which is fat elimination. A positive attitude, determination and sacrifice are all driven by the mind because dieting is not an easy chore or there would be no over-weight or obese people on God’s green earth today. You would not need a flat belly diet plan or any other plan in existence .

Strip that fat diet system teaches you what to eat, how many times to eat and simple things to exercise that everyone can do. This plan even has a nutritional adviser with a strip that fat community forum. If you get stuck in a rut they will be there to help you. You choose your own foods and plug it into a STF meal generator and it will give you meals and even a shopping list. So all you have to do is go to the neighborhood grocery store and buy the food.

Is there a flat belly diet and will it work? I believe there are as I have discussed but you will have to add the positive attitude, determination and sacrifice for they are not included with the plan. You can’t buy them because they come from your mind and gut. Oh excuse me for the pun but laughter is free so use it. Whatever plan you decide and you will most likely need one, pick one that your body can accomplish the flat belly diet plan. Remember it took a while to put on that belly fat and it will take time to eliminate it.

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