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The Importance Of Maintaining Weight Loss
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The Importance Of Maintaining Weight Loss

Learn to Keep the Pounds Off

With the problem of obesity getting more serious everyday, more people are looking for healthy and different ways to lose weight. With this increase of people going on diets and adopting healthy lifestyles, a problem well known to people in the health industry is now becoming known to the public. This problem is putting the weight you lost with a diet back on almost immediately after you cease following the diet. Many times people put back on even more weight than they originally lost.

So, what are some of the methods to prevent regaining the weight that you’ve lost and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

To start, find a plan or program that focuses on the long term and uses lifestyle and behavior changes instead of special diets and short term solutions. The best way to lose and maintain weight is by learning behaviors and habits that can be used throughout your life.

It’s important to stay away from the instant gratification mindset gripping so many people these days. Keep in mind that any promises of quick weight loss will carry significant health risks. It’s best to view maintaining your weight loss as a journey (a cliché I know) with numerous small goals to accomplish all along the way. Maintaining a positive mindset about whatever program you choose is vital to keeping it interesting, enjoyable and immune to negativity.

Another helpful strategy for keeping off the lost weight is having a good support system. Whether thru an actual weight loss support group or family and friends, a strong support network is a great way to maintain consistency in a healthy lifestyle.

Relax and take your time with changing habits that took a lifetime to form. Cutting approximately 500 calories a day and aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week is a reasonable and healthy goal.

Also look beyond the vanity aspect and learn about the diseases associated with being overweight. Being aware of the reduction of risks by eating and living healthier is a great motivator.

Getting enough sleep and reducing stress is another frequently overlooked way to keep off the extra pounds and help with physical and mental health.

A Stick With It Diet

Recent studies have shown that to lose weight and maintain that loss long term, the type of diet is less important than the continued compliance of the participant with whatever program they are following. No matter if it was low carb, high protein, blood type or even special foods; sticking with the diet was consistently shown to be much more important to losing and keeping off the extra pounds.

The people who lost weight by maintaining their healthy lifestyle changes also showed the expected corresponding health benefits, such as a lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing diabetes and heart disease risks.

Healthy Living

Losing weight is a huge first step and something to be very proud of, but keeping it off and maintaining your healthy eating and exercise behaviors is just as vital. Living a positive, enjoyable and healthy life does take effort, but is well worth it for yourself and the people that love you and look up to you. Knowing you’re a role model to friends and family can also be another excellent motivator.

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