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The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss - Get Happy And Get Slim
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The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss    -    Get Happy And Get Slim

When we want anything, we are normally aiming for one ultimate thing and that is to 'be happy'. Where our bodies are concerned, we often think we cannot be happy until we get to a certain weight or body size. The trouble with this belief is that we are doing it the wrong way round - if our aim is to be happy, then we need to become that first before we will start to see the effects on other areas of our lives - including our bodies.

Switching this round will have a profound effect as the law of attraction and weight loss are so closely connected and if we can grasp this fact, the difference on our results can be amazing.

So how do we get happy in the first place?

We do this by focusing on the person that we think we need to 'be' first, then we take on the actions of that person by 'doing' and this will soon start changing the results that we see.

You can start making this shift right now in order to make changes in your life by following these 3 key steps to getting happy.

1. Identify what happy looks like.

We all have a different picture of what happy is so this step involves creating a very clear picture of what it looks like for you. A great way of doing this is to take a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to mind, starting with - 'I am so happy and grateful now that...'

Just let this flow until you write several paragraphs that describe what happy looks like for you in as much detail as possible. It may also help you to write out what a typical day in the life of a 'happier you' would look like. Not only does this bring the law of attraction and weight loss together but it also creates a clear goal for you - which in itself will help you to move in the right direction.

2. What actions would you take?

Once you have this clear picture, you need to start looking at what the 'happier you' would be doing to make this a reality. What daily actions would you be taking? What would you make room for in your life in order to become happy? For example, you may have decided that you want some relaxation time every day, so in this second step, you would start to think about what you would be doing to get that relaxation time. This may mean that you schedule 30-60 minutes doing something that you love such as relaxing in a hot bubble bath, curling up with a book or taking some time out to meditate.

3. Making it a reality.

The third step is the most important and this involves taking action from where you are right now and not waiting until you are a certain weight or size. So taking the relaxation example above, take out your diary and schedule in some time for you to actually do one of the actions starting today. Committing to this immediately brings the law of attraction and weight loss into your reality instead of it seeming like a distant goal.

As you identify and start taking action to become the 'happier you' that you have identified in your picture then you will start making some positive changes in your life. Practice incorporating one more new actions every few days until they all become a habit and you start to become that person in your picture. By doing this, you will soon start to see the law of attraction and weight loss working together to produce some great results for you. You don't have to wait to get happy and get slim - you can start right now to make this a reality.

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