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The New Skinny Switch Secret
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The New Skinny Switch Secret

If you're reading this, you know that the Guthy-Renker/Rob Nevins, Skinny Switch Secret has closed. And it closed for a very good reason.

The Skinny Switch Secret was all about making money and not about actually helping anyone. They built a very expensive inter-active website loaded with functions that no one ever used to justify charging over $150.00 for basically nothing more then a calorie shifting diet.

Is calorie shifting a great way to lose weight? Absolutely yes! Do you need to spend at least $150.00 which could go as high as $220.00 with add ons to calorie shift?Absolutely no!

As you know, I was a member of Rob's Skinny Switch inner circle but quit because not only was it expensive (they didn't refund my fee as promised either) it was complicated and time consuming.

I wanted to lose weight, not spend 4 hours every day on my computer which is what one had to do.

After leaving the Skinny Switch, I found the most brilliant, easy to use and cheap calorie shifting weight loss plan available today. It's as easy as this: Pick your foods from an extensive list and press the enter button on your computer.

In about 20 seconds, an 11 day calorie shifting menu plan is created for you based on your food selections. You can leave it at their site and visit it a thousand times a day or print it. Yes, it's that simple and was exactly what I was looking for plus it's only $39.95 and you own it and can use it any time you want?

If you don't understand calorie shifting, please visit their site for a full explanation but in a nutshell, types of foods and calories are shifted around which confuses your metabolism which makes it burn calories at an un-heard of rate.

It's really remarkable and when you see my before and after photos, you'll see how dramatic the results were for me.

I wish they had a better name for it, Fat Loss For Idiots but one shouldn't take offense, it just means it's the easiest way to lose weight ever invented.

Plus you have no worry about ordering and wondering what happens if you don't like it (I can't think of a reason you wouldn't like it but you will have peace of mind) because if for any reason your dis-satisfied, you can get a no questions asked refund.

I think it's worth more then $150 because it works and it's fully guaranteed so I would strongly suggest anyone who wants a great way to drop the pounds give it a try.

I'm calling it the New Skinny Switch because it's new, you get skinny and all you have to do is switch from the weight you have now to that new slender weight you want. Try it, you won't be sorry!

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