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The Only Two Methods Of Weight Management You Will Ever Need
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Ever wonder why just about everybody fails at managing their weight? It's because they make it so hard for themselves! Here are the only two methods of weight management that you will ever need.

Start Small Think Big (only two methods of weight management number 1)

The biggest mistake I see everybody making in weight management is trying too hard. People think they can immediately transform themselves from couch potato to supreme athlete. First thing on Monday they are off for a run followed by a tiny breakfast, then off to work, a tiny lunch is then followed by more work and an early evening gym session.

By the time they get home the whole idea has become a living night mare and they decide its not worth it. This kind of mentality does not work. It fails 99% of the time.

I have been there done that and failed a bunch of times. A year ago I decided to change one thing at a time. I started off with a smoothie for breakfast and a fifteen minute walk for the first week. The second week I had a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a half hour walk.

In week three I upped the walk to forty five minutes and added a dinner of lean meat and vegetables. Week four things really hotted up! Three healthy meals a day, an hour walk and an piece of fruit between meals.

I had completely changed the way I do things. And it was painless. Notice there was no running or going to the gym. I did nothing that felt difficult. That is the key. Do what feels comfortable and slowly increase as it suits you. I lost a tonne of weight and I feel great now. I have kept it off for nearly a year now.

Think Long Term (only two methods of weight management number 2)

When you think long term a number of things happen. Firstly the pressure is off! You can relax and enjoy your journey to better health and not worry about the occasional slip up. You are no longer in a horrible race against time that creates anxiety and pressure. You can be safe in the knowledge that you have set your course and that you are steadily and surely heading towards your destination. This is a great calming influence which assists the motivation too. Remember the rabbit and the hare!

I truly believe these are the only two methods of weight management you will ever need. I hope they help you.

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