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The Truth About Six Pack Abs - The Hidden Truth About Losing Weight
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The Truth about Six Pack Abs is authored by Michael D. Geary, who is both a personal trainer and a nutritionist.  I am going to let the cat out of the bag; there is no secret to get those fabulous-looking abs! The only thing to keep in mind is to watch the kind of food that that you eat. Say goodbye to the cumbersome abs machines. Forget about the rigorous trainings and cardio routines that don’t work. Start with your diet now!

Geary’s book has become a hit and has been the most sought after e-book online. It has been rated as the Number One Abs Program in the internet. In this book, he reveals the right kinds of foods to eat in order to burn belly fat. I will also expose the so-called healthy foods, but are in truth and in fact, actually puts on weight, which you thought will you get into shape. This program also helps diminish cravings of junk foods, like pizza, hamburgers, potato chips, chocolate bars and others. These foods have become part of our daily diet which we should try to avoid. This book also teaches diet fanatics the tricks on how to eat your favourite food minus the calories. Like being able to eat the burger, says the horrible fat content. It also provides alternative meals to reduce cravings to unhealthy which make us guilty when we pop them in our mouths.

The book contains shocking facts which will help combat unwanted fat by eating the right kind of food that is good for the body, which will eventually help you to lose weight, live happy and healthy.  Here’s the ugly truth. Substituting whole wheat grains instead of carbohydrates which can be found in pasta and breads is actually adding more weight than losing it. Soy products found in soy milk, tofu and other soy enriched goods are a no-no. Just when you think they will help you trim down, they are in fact, helping you gain extra pounds. Another example is the egg. Some dieters think that it is unhealthy to eat the egg yolk. However, Geary’s book revealed that   90% of the essential vitamins and minerals are found in yolks. So don’t be afraid to gobble the whole egg. It has been exposed that the egg contains healthy fat which can suppress the appetite and improve the balance of the fat-burning hormones.

Other foods which can really remove fat belly are the following:  coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado, guacamole, nuts, peanut butter and the right kind of chocolate. If you don’t believe it, read the book! You will be surprised to know that diet books and programs misled you over the years.

Another startling revelation is that you don’t need diet pills to make this program work. Stop obsessing about fat-burner pills which can endanger you health and will literally burn your pockets.  Stay away from abs belts, ab-rockers, ab-rockets and all those other abs-gimmicks. They are completely a waste of your time and money, and will not help you on weight lose. What you see on television are all publicity stunts to grab the attention of the televiewers. Infomercials on abs machines are manipulative devices to deceive the viewers that they will get flat bellies and chiselled abs in a matter of days. That is pure deception. You don’t have to break your back and throw your money on these tricks.

With this book, it will teach the readers the proper motivation to help them stick to the program and ensure a lifetime of success of keeping fit. There are no diet cheats to lose weight. You just have to follow the program, eat right and be diligent enough to exercise 2 to 3 times a week. You don’t have to work-out daily to transform your belly to a six-pack abs. This program requires only 30 to 45 minutes, two to three times a week, and that’s all you need.

This book contains unique exercise scheme which have never been seen before, those of you who have never done before; and it is now that you are learning them, you will get a firm motivation which will promise positive results in no time.

You will start with the Advanced Stomach-Fat Burning Program. This will help you eat the right kind of veggies which contains vital chemical enzymes to combat fat belly, drink tea concoctions which will melt down all the fat, and use spices which are readily available in your cupboard to speed up your metabolism and jump-start the fat burning process of the body. Anyone can do it!

The basic requirement to lose weight is proper diet and exercise. What is good about Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it has very simple nutritional guidelines and a step-by step exercise techniques that anybody can follow. This book contains the right combination of diet and exercise. It’s easy and straightforward plus the fact that it is very economical. I encourage you to try it because the results are amazing. You will never have to try other diet programs again. Look forward to a healthier you.


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