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The Ultimate In Weight Loss Diets
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The best weight loss diet is something that brings us back to our roots. A way of eating, a lifestyle that becomes easier with every passing day. As with anything new it all seems a little involved at the beginning but I implore you not to be put off as it really is extremely simple once you implement the procedure.

Trimming Your Body.

This is where we are headed, to trim and tone our bodies so that not only do we look attractive but are also healthy. To become all these things it simple means putting the most natural of foods into our bodies and incorporating a little exercise into each and every day; sounds easy but putting it into practice takes perserverance and dedication. If you're reading this article I'm certain you're aware of many of the diets being marketed at present and I have no intention of listing them all at this time. I simply wish to explain how the very best diet works. You don't have to pay any money to receive this information, you don't have to join a club and pay a monthly membership fee, you don't have to purchase a book; I am giving you this information for FREE. What can get better than that?

Getting Started.

As with most diets it always speeds up the process if you spend a few day doing a detox. Now that can be a liquid detox which can come in many forms; the most popular at present is the Lemonade Detox. If you prefer you can prepare your body for ultimate weight loss by eating purely protein for three days. This means absolutely no fruit and vegetables and no dairy; this includes cheeses, yoghurt and milk. Nuts are also out of the equation for this period of time. Think about all the delicious foods you are able to enjoy though, all meat, fish and eggs. This includes salami, ham off the bone, beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna and of course eggs any style. I know to some of you it will be difficult giving up your bread, cereals, rice and pasta but stick with this and you will be sure to see results and keep in mind, the detox stage is only for three days.

Following the Diet.

Your daily routine will consist of eating six small meals per day. Three made up of breakfast, lunch and dinner then snacks at morning and afternoon tea with the final snack during the evening sometime before bedtime.

These meals are constructed essentially of protein and vegetables. A sample menu could possibly consist of omelette for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and stir fry for dinner. Snacks can be something like an hardboiled egg, 100gms of deli meat, sliced cold chicken or beef with perhaps a gherkin or dill pickleor if any of those fail to appeal why not try a protein shake or protein bars. The protein bars are readily available in most grocery markets.

One thing to be aware of is the ability of certain foods to contain a variety of detoxing abilities. If these are eaten freely and added to your protein portion they will have added health benefits for your body.

Detox Foods

  • Artichoke Hearts help keep live healthy.
  • Beetroot protects liver from alcohol. Great addition for the 'silly season.'
  • Garlic is a great blood cleanser and has antibacterial powers.
  • Lemon helps alkalise the body. Try lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.
  • Leafy Greens prtect cells in the body.
  • Turmeric regenerates liver cells.
  • Water detoxifies liver, kidneys and digestive tract.
  • Blueberries have anticarcinogenic properties.
  • Watercress is rich in iron and minerals.
  • Teas: Green tea for antioxidants.
  • Fennel tea stimulates liver.
  • Dandelion tea ascts as a diuretic and flushes your system.

Summary of Diet.

  • Three day detox to get started.
  • Eat six times per day- three meals plus three snacks.
  • Protein to be eaten at every meal.
  • Space your meals no more than three hours apart and if you're really hungry eat some protein as often as every hour.

Final Word

Once you have your new way of eating under way you can the have either one or two free days which means eating bread, pasta, chips, rice and all thos yummy foods you thought had been banned forever. If your weight drops quite quickly feel free to add a slice of toast toyour breakfast menu or have a whole grain sandwich for lunch. Absolutely no food is banned completely just save it for your free days.

One other thing, beware of alcohol as it can slow down the weight loss process. If possible save that wine or whatever is your drink of choice for your free days.

Exercise is not a major but endeavour to have a walk for approximately thirty minutes per day or have a go at something like the kettlbell exercises which are amazing for speeding up weight loss. I wish you every success and if you mess up don't worry as it's always possible to start afresh.

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