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The Ups And Downs Of Weight Loss
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Many of you may have trouble losing weight, as I have. I am a 30 year old mother of three and I am well versed in the depression that comes along with weight gain.

I am only 5' tall so any extra weight on me looks as if I am the size of a house and very dis-proportioned. Before my first son (who is now 12), I was 110 lbs soaking wet. I never had a problem with gaining weight, no matter how much I ate. I could eat 13 pizzas one after another and not worry about gaining an ounce. Now, I look at chocolate and gain 30 lbs. It makes me physically sick to go shopping for clothes. I refuse. I'm sure some of you know this exact feeling.

After my first son, I lost most of the weight I had gained, which was a whopping 62 lbs. Can you imagine? I went from 110 to 172!! I ended up at 125 a few months after giving birth. I was happy with that. I wasn't too skinny, but I also was not overweight (my insurance would say otherwise). I looked healthy. All that went down the drain with my second son, (now 7). I shot right back up near that 172 while I was pregnant. After him, I only went back down to 135. Then again, with my third, but this time I stay at a steady 165!!!

I have tried SOOOOO many different diets, "miracle" systems, supplements, you name it. Some work, some...not so much. It's horrible how many of those "miracle" pills sell without telling the entire truth. Most will claim you can achieve the results you want simply by taking their perfect pill, no dieting, no exercise. Just simply take it and you will lose weight. It's a all out lie! I ordered one of those things (which I cannot recall the name of at the moment), not because I didn't want to work for my weight loss but because I was desperate to try anything. After receiving one of them, I read the instructions that plainly tell you, you WILL need to diet and exercise to see any results. No big deal with that, but why the lie with the advertising? I have no problem at all working for what I want but I do have a problem with liars.

First advice I have for you is:


The only easy way out is plastic surgery, which is not cheap by any means.

Forgive me for rambling, but I feel I should share every part of my story. Stay with me here.

I didn't just expect weight to drop off like it did when I was 20, but I expecting SOMETHING to happen. I signed up to a local gym and got myself a workout partner. Having someone there with you is important to keep your motivation up. Anyway, the two of us went at least 6 days a week. Stayed for 2-3 hours then left. This went on for around 3 months and neither of us saw ANY changes. I was so incredibly frustrated that I had not lost any weight, or even inches of my figure, and neither did my friend. We damn near gave up, but decided to keep going. Another month went by and changes. We lost all motivation. I mean, why be sore day in and day out to see absolutely no results for all that hard work?

After that I decided maybe a prescription weight loss supplement would help. So I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Adipex-P. He also said, I will need to have regular exercise and limit my food intake. I didn't need to count calories but just basically he stressed the importance of "portion control". I'll go back to that subject in a minute. So I gave Adipex a shot. It worked, quickly I might add. Cutting out foods was not something I was willing to give up at the time but limiting how much helped a ton! I lost around 30 lbs in 3 months. Which was GREAT! However, the downside to Adipex is that your body becomes "immune" to it and it stops working so well. So you need to take a month or two off before taking it again. I did that for a while and every time I stopped taking it the weight came back. And each time I would restart taking it, it would be less and less effective. Talk about a mood killer.

You don't have to kill yourself at the gym or at home in order to see changes (unless you're me of course). What most people fail to realize, and this was what completely changed my view on weight loss, is that portion control is a HUGE factor in losing weight. No need to count calories (unless your Doc tells you to, then listen to him, not me). No need to cut out your favorite foods (again unless Dr says). No matter how many times I was told this, I didn't listen. I like food, it tastes good and I want to eat it. What made me really see how portions can change everything is when my fiancé and myself went out to dinner for our 4 year anniversary.

We went to a fancy fondu restaurant. We are not rich, by any means. Our normal trips to a restaurant are usually to Applebees or something of that nature. Even then, we don't go often. Anyways, I had no idea what was in store for us there. I had never even stepped foot inside anything fancy. The meal consisted of 4 courses. I thought to myself "wow that's a lot of food". I couldn't be further off. The portions given were small and I thought, "We are paying WHAT for this food?". The portions are the key to this story so please bear with my rambling. =)

Each portion looked like one of my children could eat it and not be full. They were small. So as we were eating I started to notice I was getting full, and just before dessert!! I had to turn down chocolate (which is my vice)! It was crazy to think the small amount of food we had shared could actually make me full. Then it all "clicked". I didn't have to cut out anything, I just had to limit how much of it I ate.

My second piece of advise? You guessed it:


I'm not saying the weight loss solutions available everywhere are not effective. They just were not for me. At all. My success, which I am still not satisfied, came from limiting my portions and exercise. Instead of going to the gym, which I cannot afford, I got myself an awesome home workout system. (Which I am in no way trying to sell to you, but I do want you to know what it is) Don't's called Brazil Butt Lift. You laughed didn't you? I know it sounds funny but I LOVE it. It's fun and it works, so what's not to love? I won't link it here, but you can google it and see.

To sum up, there is no "miracle" quick weight loss. No matter how many claims. You shouldn't lose more than 2 lbs a week, it can be very unhealthy for you if you lose more. (Adipex can be that way, but it slows down after a bit).

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The biggest problem when dieting is the weight plateau! It is so difficult to overcome it!!!!

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