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Trying To Lose Weight Fast? 10 Top Habits Of The Naturally Slim
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Trying to Lose Weight Fast? 10 Top Habits of The Naturally Slim

If you are trying to lose weight fast but don't know where to start, I have 10 Top Habits of the Naturally Slim to help you succeed but without extreme deprivation and de-motivation. My approach is the non-diet approach and once you adopt some of these healthy habits and see them producing fast results for you, you will never go back to conventional dieting.

So we know that you are trying to lose weight fast and we can also guess that you have tried this before by dieting without much success - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now. There are 2 key factors that you will need to provide to make sure it is different this time round?

Firstly, you need commitment. Commitment to give the naturally slim approach a try and commitment to adopt these habits one by one until they become normal for you. Second, you need to be consistent. It is no good trying this approach for 1 day and then giving up. You need to wake up each day and promise yourself that you will do your best. None of these habits are hard but if you have been following diets all your life, they will involve thinking differently and learning to trust yourself.

If you have been trying to lose weight fast with conventional dieting but without much success - then this approach could possibly be the best thing you could do to create permanent results.

10 Top Habits of the Naturally Slim:

1. Listen to your body

This involves being still and tuning into your body's needs. People who are naturally slim do this all this time. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes and really focus on what you need to do right now. We often reach for food when we need other things such as time to relax or a nap.

2. Only eat when you're hungry

If you are listening to your body, you will start to really notice hunger signals. Most of us eat because it is a meal time or out of habit. Only eating when you are hungry coupled with tip # 3 can really produce fast results. Simple but effective!

3. Stop eating when you are satisfied

This does not mean when you’re stuffed to bursting point. It means stopping when your hunger has gone. You will be surprised at how little food fills you up when you take notice. If you watch naturally slim people, you will notice that they leave food on their plate when they have had enough. They don't like to feel overstuffed.

4. Give yourself permission

Start giving yourself permission to eat the foods you love - providing it is also food that your body loves. When you eat something, see how it feels in your body afterwards. If it doesn't feel good or gives you lots of bloating and gas, then it does not feel good in your body and is not good for your metabolism.

5. Go high quality

Vow to start eating high quality foods instead of the cheap junk that is full of artificial chemicals. Your body can use high quality natural food but it can't use chemicals. Naturally slim people know that they deserve the best and dropping the processed rubbish will start your body burning more efficiently.

6. Watch your blood sugar

Ditch the processed carbs as much as possible. If you follow tip # 4 above, you will have already noticed that these do not feel good in your body - they don't feel good for most people once we actually stop and take notice. This tip alone can have a huge effect on your waistline.

7. Find movement that you love

Ditch the gruelling and punishing exercise routines for movement that makes you feel good. I love walks in nature and fun Zumba workouts - these don't feel like exercise to me and fill me with energy. Find what you love and it won't be a chore.

8. Focus on something other than food

For most dieters, life seems to revolve around food so it is time to make some changes by writing a 'love list'. A list of all the things you can do instead of eating that make you feel great about yourself. Choose 1 to do every day.

9. Track your day

No, I don't mean writing down all your calories and fat grams - how boring! What I mean is tracking your hunger, noticing how food felt in your body afterwards and how it affects your emotions. Keeping a simple journal is a great way to track and make positive changes.

10. If at first you don't succeed

Try, try again. If you are trying to lose weight fast and don't adopt all of the above habits at once, it doesn't matter. Just start each day with a new commitment and you will soon start to see results quickly. Small changes made consistently, all add up to big results.

I hope these tips will help you if you are trying to lose weight fast. I have learnt how to become naturally slim myself using the non-diet approach and know that it works where diets don't, it just means learning a new way to lasting results. My wish is that everyone has access to this different approach so that they can to improve their shape, confidence and health - permanently.

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