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Uncover Your 6 Pack Abs
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Uncover Your 6 Pack Abs

Humans do come in all shapes in sizes, but usually we can agree that we share some basic anatomic principals. One such principle is that we all need an abdominal wall of muscle to keep your guts in, spine straight, and rib cage and pelvis in place. Everybody has abs. Some people just have an easier time showing them.

While it would help to build up your abdominal wall somewhat, you can bring out the shape of your abs with a simple drop in bodyfat. This just happens to be one of the hardest places to lose fat. For some reason or other, the stomach is one of your bodies favourite places to store fat. You can trim up your arms, lose the double chin, and cut up the cankles but your pot belly will still remain. Generally, you need to go down to about 12% body fat before your abs become visible. This can be augmented by actually doing work to build up the muscle, however.

The best way to lose fat is with a balanced diet and sporadic, intense exercise. It is important that your body REACTS to your workouts as apposed to COPES with a temporarily higher expenditure of calories. You do not need to worry about taking days off when your body is still reeling from your last workout, preparing for the worst. Restricting calories and being hungry on purpose is just unnatural and will most assuredly end in failure. With that in mind, focus on eating HEALTHY. This might in fact be harder than eating less. It`s easier to eat a small bowel of ice cream than it is to cook and eat a whole chicken breast. The thing is, I don`t have to tell you which of the two leaves you feeling more satisfied and healthy. The one with the nutrition!

There is an old saying in bodybuilding circles:"abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen." Remember this the nest time you pig out and try to make up for it with some obsessive compulsive work out. If you want the best results, you are gonna have to hold it down- every aspect of your plan needs to be executed precisely and decisively. Remember that to get the best results, to show everyone how six pack abs are made, you are gonna have to sacrifice the things you want right now for the things that you truly desire.

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