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Unexplained Weight Gain: Could Leaky Gut Be The Cause?
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Unexplained Weight Gain: Could Leaky Gut Be the Cause?

Are you mysteriously experiencing weight gain and you are not sure why? What could be causing a person who watches what they eat and avoids high calorie processed foods and does not sugary soft drinks and alcohol to be putting on weight. You lead an active lifestyle where you get plenty of exercise and you have a healthy diet, and some how you are still gaining weight and you do not know why? If this is the case, it is likely that there may be several things working in concert that could be the reason for your unexplained weight gain.

One reason for the unexplained weight gain could be a condition called leaky gut syndrome. Many of the symptoms exhibited in leaky gut syndrome are the same as they are in people who experience unexplained weight gain.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

This condition occurs when the intestinal lining is damaged and gaps form in the lining allowing toxins, bacteria, waste, and proteins and fats that have not been properly digested,to enter into the bloodstream. When this happens, the body's immune system goes into action and creates antibodies to battle the perceived threat.

No matter how healthy you are, no immune system is strong control enough to handle the leaking toxins. A body constantly fighting off foreign invaders (leaked toxins), is an overworked immune system, which is unable to stave off the extra leakage. Toxins can also reach the liver, which is the largest gland in the body. The liver becomes overburdened and is unable to perform its job detoxifying the body.

When the liver becomes overworked, its ability to perform its duties to neutralize chemical substances at an optimal level become diminished. Unable to handle the extra burden forced on to the body, the liver pushes the extra toxins back into the circulatory system. The result of this is a damaged and weakened intestinal lining, which allows more disease causing bacteria, and fungus to pass through.

They enter in the bloodstream and the immune system reacts by releasing cytokines and antibodies. Cytokines are protein molecules released by the immune system to fight antigens. White blood cells (lymphocytes) fight the particles that have leaked through the intestinal lining. Because of the release of lymphocytes, toxic oxidants are produced and this is what generally causes the inflammation throughout the body.

Some of the very symptoms of leaky gut could help to explain the weight gain. One of the more common symptoms of leaky gut syndrome as well as a possible reason for unexplained weight gain is trouble sleeping or a lack of sleep. Having a good nights sleep is very important to the over health of the body, when a person does not get enough sleep the body experiences physiological stress and, biochemically.

Stress is also a symptom of leaky gut syndrome. A person who is overly tired and stressed is more likely to use food as a coping mechanism thinking that a late night snack will help them sleep. Symptoms that you might not be getting enough sleep is, low energy levels, nodding off, irritable, and fatigue, which is also a symptom of leaky gut syndrome.

Other symptoms that are both related to unexplained weight gain and leaky gut syndrome are, certain medicines like NAIDs, Steroids, alcohol, fatigue, lack of energy, etc.

The good news is leaky gut can be cured. More and more people are finding that Leaky Gut is actually the cause for unexpected weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Talking measures to heal leaky gut in these cases leads to loss of unwanted weight.

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