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Useful Weight Loss Tips From My Own Personal Weight Loss Journey
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Useful Weight Loss Tips From My Own Personal Weight Loss Journey

I have spent many years attempting to lose weight only to lose and regain the same 20 pounds again. Well finally this summer I decided to approach things differently, and you know what it worked! I have lost 10 pounds in just over a month and am so thrilled that I want to share my useful weight loss tips with you.

My first tip for you is to go out and buy a pedometer. You don’t have to get a fancy one. I settled for one that was around $15 and simply clips onto my waist band. All you want to do is log all the steps you do every day from when you get out of bed in the morning until you crawl back in at night time.

Aim to get in at least 5,000 steps per day and then once you achieve that aim for 10,000. Right now I tell myself that I have to get between 10,000 and 15,000 per day. If I don’t make it I don’t sweat it! At least I know I was moving.

My next tip for you and I know you will have heard this one before. Drink water! I had a hard time doing this too. But what I did was to start off my drinking one glass of water before each meal and snack. That’s more than half of your water allowance for the day gone all ready! You want to consume 64 ounces of water which is 4 small bottles of water if you purchase bottled water, they hold 16 ounces each.

To drink the remaining water just try and sip on the water during the day especially when you are in the kitchen. When you go to make a tea or coffee, sip water first. If you have to go out shopping or to an appointment take a bottle or two with you. Drink it in the car and before getting out. You will be surprised at just how easy it is to get your daily water in.

Next tip is to weigh your foods. I just leave my scales out on the kitchen counter and this makes me more aware of what I am eating and how much.

My other useful weight loss tips are to keep a food journal and a daily journal. So you can see just what you are eating. Also look at the types of foods eaten. I found I was eating way too many carbs and cut back.

The daily journal is your personal journal where you can unload your feelings and your thoughts. This is a great way to let off steam and it works trust me! If you use my useful weight loss tips you will discover that it is not that hard to lose weight. Just making a few changes can result in a huge drop on the scale.

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