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Useing Water Bottle Is Essential To Drink More Water
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Useing Water Bottle is Essential to Drink More Water

Liquid water is an absolute requirement for all life on earth. It is the most important nutrient for our body, because without it, we can't operate. But how can we consume more water if we have a lot of things to do? At last birthday, I received a very nice present, it was a water bottle. It is not just a bottle, but it can be used one-handed and that's why its name is one-handed water bottle (from the producer called Aladdin). Its volume is  almost half a liter.

Since I have got the one-handed water bottle, I  started to drink a lot of water. Before, it was just quarter of a gallon per day (tops) and a lot of sodas and other industrialised juices and syrups. But now, I can drink at least 3 liters of water per day. I take it to college classes, to training, I have it during my work on the office desk and I bring it always wherever I go.

I constantly fill it up and drink it in an hour or less. Yes, that does mean, that I have to go to the toilet almost every half an hour, but it doesn't matter. That way, you have to stand up from your chair and move around a bit. But that's not all! Your urine is lighter, almost looks like water, the blood flow and blood pressure is normal, blood flow is much better and during workout, I feel less thirsty and tired. My performance at work and studying is much better than before.

This one-handed water bottle is also cool because you can use it just with one hand. You can just pop it open with a thumb and drink it, so the other hand can still operate with things.  

 Water in our body is distributed between muscle cells and within cells. It moves between cells and within the effective regulation of osmotic and hydrostatic pressure. It gives us ions and lots of other minerals. Recommended amounts of water consumption for adult human are slightly higher around 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women (and increases to 3 liters in the second or third pregnancy period and 4 liters while breastfeeding). It is believed that these high intakes of water can reduce the incidence of kidney stones, gallstones and some forms of cancer.

Men need more water than women due to their higher activity and body posture, body mass and energy consumption. Children need more water in proportion to their body weight and for good concentrate of urine. Elderly should take care to maintain hydration, as aging diminishes the sensation of thirst as well as the concentrate of urine.

Tap water is good to avoid because it contains chlorine and fluorine, which are toxic substances that can cause serious health problems. Distilled water is also bad for you, because of ionic admixture (wrong pH and polarization) and can be washed from your body with essential minerals.

If it is possible, try to drink water that has a room temperature and not ice-cold water, which can damage the delicate lining of your stomach.

So, if you can't find a way to drink more water, try with a water bottle or a mug. You have to take it around everywhere you go. It is good for our green planet, because this kind of water bottles are recycled and BPA free (no chemicals in plastic bottles). You should consider to drink more water especially when you work long hours or if you are an active sportsman.

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