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Weight And Wellness
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Weight And Wellness

What is this relationship anyway?

There is a lot of thought in the senior age group, that weight and wellness is what you make it. I was having a chat with a friend recently on this very topic.If you look at my Grandchildren in their early twenties, weight is a problem and they do a lot to keep it under control, otherwise known as dieting, both male and female grandchildren. As we pass into our thirty and forty years some times we keep it under control and sometimes we don't. Ever looked at some of the actors and actresses whom we watched when they were younger, and now we see them at a live event and go - whow look at the weight he or she has put on?

Weight and how we think about our wellness

At what stage do we start to consider weight as being something which controls our feeling about wellness? Is it just weight or is it the general way we feel? I say this because there are many larger size persons (wasn't that a polite way of putting it?), who are really quite content with their weight and consider themselves well. On the other hand there are many who would give anything to get rid of some weight, and they feel that their health is suffering. Is it some key event that makes us suddenly take notice of our weight and how this is effecting our wellness? I would like to suggest it may well be, if we haven't really taken care of our weight during our lives..

Key events that might make us take notice of our weight.

If you have the perfect weight for your size I suggest youprobably don't need to read any further. More about what is perfect weight later. What happens is that we go through an event such as:

  1. Getting puffed going up the stairs with a colleauge and he or she doesn't.
  2. Not being able to get into those clothes any more, both men and women.
  3. Going for a leisurely walk or doing some gardening and getting puffed.
  4. Visiting your Doctor who says you must lose weight before he or she will refer you to get that treatment you need.
  5. Having problems with your knees or joints and the chemist tells you well maybe you could lose some weight.

There are many more of these. However by the time we get to that senior stage of life we either have had one of these and are doing something about it or we may be in denial. I am okay thanks, don't need any of your advice - heard that one?

So should we worry at the later stages of life about our weight and wellness relationship? It kind of sounds obvious to me and I think we most definitely should but many of my friends disagree. What do you think. Would love to hear your views.

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