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Weight Lifting To Burn Fat – This Is The Answer To Fast Visible Weight Loss And Body Transformation
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Weight Lifting to Burn Fat – This is the Answer to Fast Visible Weight Loss And Body Transformation

When it comes exercising for weight loss, one of the last workouts women consider is weight training to burn fat.  That is unfortunate because, the best answer for fast visible results in your efforts to lose weight is to add lean muscle mass.  That happens through resistance training and here is why.

By doing weight training to burn fat, several things are happening to your body.  All of which are good.  First, is the fact that you’re adding muscle.  Now, before you slide you mouse over to the “X” for an immediate exit from this article out of fear that adding muscle means you become a female version of the “Incredible Hulk,” please wait.  I have some great news!

Adding or “building” muscle for women doesn’t mean the same thing as it does for men.  For females, adding muscle mass means minimal increases in size as compared to our male counterparts, but with much bigger benefits.

For women, lifting weights whether its dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, body weight training, or whatever, simply creates more muscle fiber which adds to thickness.  That helps enhance what is commonly referred to as a “toned” look, especially as fat is reduced. 

Increases in muscle size are more reserved for men.

So, one great benefit of weight lifting to burn fat is, that the added muscle helps make the body look more "toned" and fit.  It gives the body more of a figure by adding curves, but the curves are firm and structured because of the muscle.  It’s not saggy and flabby because of fat.

And your body isn’t the alternative either which is flat and skinny with no shape because of the lack of muscle. For a visual of this explanation, think of a runway model walking the catwalk at a fashion show as compared to a fitness model on the cover of Shape Magazine.  Big difference, huh?

Which one looks healthier, leaner, and fit?

Another benefit of weight lifting to burn fat is the fact that the more muscle you have the faster your metabolic rate is.  A fast metabolic rate is an advantage because it causes your body to burn more calories than a slow metabolic rate does.

Of course reducing fat and losing weight are a result of burning more calories than what you consume.  Therefore an increased metabolism that allows for increased caloric burn is a benefit as well.

One final benefit about weight lifting to burn fat comes from the exercise technique involved.  This kind of weight training involves a moderate to high intensity level with little rest in between moves.  In that essence it can be referred to as cardio weight lifting.

Lifting weights in that manner causes an elevated heart rate.  When you get your heart rate pumping in such a way for an extended period of time, your body has to play “catch-up” in order to get back to normal.  That “catch-up” time means more calories than normal are being burned in order to return your body to steady state, IE: back to normal.

So, unlike the usual manner in which people lifts weights, weight lifting to burn fat means that when you stop exercising, the additional calorie burn that comes from exercising…does not.

It’s these reasons why women should definitely add resistance training into their weight loss programs.  And weight lifting to burn fat is the biggest factor in achieving fast visible results

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