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Weight Loss After Menopause - Is It Possible
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For any woman who has reached menopause or beyond it appears to be virtually impossible to lose any weight. This lady was quite possibly slim and fit all her life but once menopause hit everything changed dramatically. Is it her fault this has happened or is it just a wicked joke of nature? Well the answer to that is, it probably is a mixture of the two.

You see as women age they begin to lose estrogen and this primarily is why bodies begin to sag, hot flashes occur and all those other nasties begin to happen that women of this age group can so easily relate to. So, the question remains, is it possible to lose any of this weight that suddenly seems to appear almost overnight? Well surprisingly yes it is, however don't expect anything to happen too quickly.

There are some women who have always been keen on exercising and keeping fit and as they age this does not change; these are the ladies who will have the least difficulty in getting rid of any extra pounds they may acquire over the years. On the other hand there are the women who loathe and detest any form of exercise and from the time they were a little girl have always been the same. Clearly these ladies are going to have to come to some mental agreement with themselves as to whether they're going to bite the bullet and give exercise a chance or simply put up with the surplus flesh they seem to be rapidly acquiring. You see the older we become the more important exercise is to every area of our health.

As people age, if they are not watchful their eating habits can become somewhat erratic and this along with a sedentary lifestyle is more conducive to weight gain. During menopause it is not unusual for a woman to gain anything from ten to fifteen pounds and along with this she suddenly finds herself with the apple shaped figure as opposed to the pear shape she probably had during her child bearing years.

The first and most important thing for women in this time of her life is to follow a healthy eating plan and to endeavour to get some exercise on a daily basis. This can be a gentle walk or possibly some aerobics for those who are a little fitter. For other women a little weight bearing exercise will go a long way in helping to budge those surplus pounds/kilos. You don't need anything fancy for this, even a couple of cans from the pantry will suffice but for best results I would suggest incorporating kettlebells into your exercise program. These are things that look similar to a small canonball which you hold by a handle; they originated in Russia. The beauty of these little pieces of apparatus is that they work almost like magic helping a person to become fit and toned and reduce ones weight. The fact that you can use them in the privacy of your home is an added bonus.

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