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Weight Loss And Ageing: How Weight Loss Can Slow The Ageing Process
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Not everyone trying to lose weight is young or even middle aged; the effect of carrying excess weight can be especially difficult for the person in their senior years. Think how the natural ageing process affects bones, brain, skin and almost every part of the body. So what can a senior person do to assist their health at this time of life?

The most important thing is to make an attempt at getting rid of all that belly fat; this is the place excess weight tends to accumulate the older one becomes. This sort of fat is not only totally unattractive but extremely detrimental to your health as it engulfs the major organs in the body. The fat can create heart disease and contributes to excessive plaque in heart valves. Who would wish to be facing heart surgery simply because they had either been unaware or were too lazy to do something about losing a little weight?

As we age it can be imperative we eat the right amount of calcium as this has an important affect on our bones. Not just women develop osteoporosis it is also to be found in men. You must make a habit daily of eating cheese, fish with bones such as sardines, drinking low fat milk and adding natural yoghurt to your breakfast cereal. These are all great ways of getting sufficient calcium to keep your body healthy while still keeping your weight in check.

Watching your weight by following a sensible eating plan will not only assist in shedding some surplus pounds but can also help in the fight against Alzheimers. The best eating plans will limit sodium, advise on the correct fats to consume and suggest only pure water be used for drinking. Many sources of table salt include aluminium as do many deodorants by the way. Excess amounts of aluminium have been found in the brains of those suffering from Alzheimers. A word of advice here, the fluoride so often added to our drinking water has been found to attach itself to any aluminium in the body which also causes weakened bones. Keep in mind that fluoride is first and foremost a poison which is documented in many articles online, hence the need to drink pure water only.

The fats we eat are important to our bodies no matter what our age but as we get older it becomes more obvious if we are not getting our daily quota. Our skin tends to become scaly, our eyes are not so bright, our brains are not so active and our joints become stiff and sore. All these symptoms can be assisted by getting more Omega 3's into our diet. If you're uncertain whether you are getting the correct amount from your food it can be useful to take a daily supplement.

It really is vital as you age to continue with some form of exercise as a thirty minute walk daily can be of enormous help to your heart health. If you are not too incapacitated, a little exercise with the use of kettlebells or light weights not only boosts your metabolism but also strengthens your bones. Yoga can also be a popular form of exercise for seniors. So remember, with a little exercise and the correct eating plan you do not have to give into the ageing process and become a couch potato. Just because the years might be going by rapidly you can still make the most of every hour of every day.

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