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Weight Loss And Heart Disease: How Weight Loss Can Effect Heart Disease
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The first thing you must understand is that the health of your heart is core to your wellbeing. Your heart can develop disease through any number of incorrect lifestyle choices which can include smoking, too much alcohol, the using of drugs, lack of exercise or simply eating the wrong foods. Don't ever underestimate the effect weight loss and exercise can have on heart disease.

When the average person hears the words heart disease they generally think of someone having a coronary heart attack as most of us have come across this at some time in our lives. Heart disease actually covers many more conditions. Just a couple of these are congestive heart failure and the condition known as an enlarged heart which sounds extremely scary to anyone and must surely be something to be avoided at all costs. So what are the details of these conditions and how can we avoid them?

Let's begin with the enlarged heart which is not actually a disease in itself but a physical condition that can cover a variety of diseases and conditions and until these are brought under control your life may well be in jeopardy. There are a number of things that can contribute to this condition: alcoholism, obesity, thyroid function, high blood pressure, anaemia, heart valve problems or even on occasion, pregnancy can instigate this problem. To assist with getting this condition under control some major factors are to lose excess weight, cut alcohol, stop smoking and begin excercising. If these details are put into place you have much less chance of having to live your life supported by enormous amounts of medication.

So what about congestive heart failure? The symptoms of this condition can also be varied and can consist of shortness of breath on exertion and when endeavouring to lie flat. Fatigue, weight gain due to holding excess fluid in your body, swollen legs and high blood pressure. To get this condition under control you may have to lower your salt and fluid intake and it is important for the person diagnosed with CHF to learn to read labels. It is amazing just how much extra sodium can be consumed through eating processed foods. Aerobic exercises are also recommended as this assists with getting your heart back into a healthy condition.

Everyone should be eating and exercising for optimum health to reduce the risk of getting these conditions and actually shortening ones life span. A heart healthy plan is a sensible way to attack these conditions before they become apparent. The two major factors in your heart healthy plan are to eat sensibly and to exercise until you sweat as both these changes will assist in lowering your blood pressure.

Endeavour to walk at least thirty minutes every day or use an elliptical trainer for cardio health; be gentle on your joints if you're unused to exercising. The next thing is to build strength which works your muscles including your heart. One of the easiest and most effective way to do weight training is by using Kettlebells. Some people have never heard of these little pieces of magic but they are rapidly becoming popular with anyone who wishes to reduce weight and tone their body easily in the privacy of their own home.

You can seriously reduce the risk of developing any form of heart disease by watching what you eat. To follow a simple eating plan which is aimed at eating pure healthy foods you will certainly be doing your heart a favour. This involves less salt, plenty of fruit and vegetables, meat, chicken and fish and plenty of fibre. It really is not that difficult to get your body in top condition.

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