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Weight Loss And Housework: How To Accelerate Weight Loss With Housework
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If you are among the many indivuals who have been classified in the overweight category you are probably aware of the importance of getting a certain amount of exercise per day. This exercise will not only speed up your weight loss but will also assist in keeping your body toned. Something you may not be aware of though, is just how many extra calories you can burn in a twenty-four hour period simply by doing your household chores.

Yes, housework can actually accelerate weight loss; with that little piece of information tucked away into your brain you might in future be a little more inclined to get off the couch and clean the house. Let's face it, there would be few among us who could say they really enjoy doing chores, but unfortunately they are one of those things that simply have to be done.

Let's look at some of the everyday chores and see just how many calories they can burn if you are an average one hundred and fifty pound person and are doing thirty minutes of work. Take house work for instance that involves moving furniture around; by the time you've pushed that table and chairs out of the way, moved that couch and pulled out side table to clean behind, you will have used around two hundred and fifty-five calories.

Once the furniture has been shifted you are now faced with cleaning the floors. If your floors are wooden and require a scrubb or you have tiles or linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen which need a bit of what is commonly known as 'elbow grease,' you are on the way to burning another one hundred and eighty-nine calories. See how those chores are helping with your weight loss and we haven't even started on cleaning the windows to burn an extra one hundred and fifty-three calories.

By the time you move outside to get into the gardening the speed you can use up calories is even faster as by doing a little weeding, maybe picking some fresh vegetables and mowing your lawns, another whopping three hundred and thirty-one calories will have vanished. Chores are now beginning to take on a whole new meaning. Remember how you used to loathe and detest having to rake those ghastly piles of leaves? Don't let anyone else take over this fat burning chore as it's going to burn off around one hundred and seventy-one calories of surplus flesh.

We haven't even got to the mundane things like washing the car; this little job can easily use up another one hundred and fifty-three calories. One little piece of advice at this stage would be to purchase a pedometer, as the acceptable amount of steps for fitness is ten thousand steps daily and simply by walking around your car as you give it a clean can add a surprising amount of steps to this daily endeavour.

Remember that any exercise is good exercise even if that might be something called 'housework,' so by keeping that in mind you'll find yourself viewing the daily chores from a whole new angle knowing that it is all assisting with your weight loss plan. It really is quite remarkable just how many calories you can burn without even leaving the house.

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