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Weight Loss And Iq: Can Weight Loss Change Your IQ
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Many of you might question any link between weight loss and your IQ and wonder how by losing weight it is actually possible to improve your IQ. You might even doubt the abilty to change your IQ as many people are under the misapprehension that our IQ is set at birth and cannot be altered. This is totally incorrect thinking and not only can you help your body become fitter and healthier but at the same time you can do the same thing for your brain.

For all who are sceptical of the above details let me explain further. When we begin to eat a healthier lifestyle it reflects on every part of our body. Take note that this will not apply if you decide to buy into one of the many popular crash diets, these tend to help the dieter lose weight quickly and then once the 'diet' is over the weight floods back with even more unsightly pounds.

We regularly have examples on our television sets advertising diet programs and more often than not they are fronted by a famous personality. I'm sure we can all think of people who having proudly exhibited their new body, only a matter of weeks later have gone into hiding as the weight has crept back. This is really sad for these folk and did not need to happen if the individual had decided to change their lifestyle eating as opposed to dropping pounds in an unnatural manner. By unnatural I mean having pre-packaged food supplied, living off meal replacements etc.

It is vitally important for the weight watcher that they make the connection between the food they put in their mouth on a daily basis and how it effects the size and shape of their body permanently. This can only come by changing the way you eat. Forget takeaway meals, white bread, white rice, crackers, pastries, cakes and anything made with white flour, they will do nothing for your overall health. So what should you and what can you do to make these changes?

Firstly and this is the eye opener, the best foods for you body when endeavouring to lose weight are the very same foods that will boost your IQ. Does that come as any surprise? If you know little about good healthy nutrition you're probably wondering exactly what these miracle foods are that can make so many dramatic changes to your body. Well take note carefully as it literally comes back to smart eating.

  • Salmon and other fatty cold water fish: These contain Omega 3's and help build and maintain myelin in the brain.
  • Lean beef: This contains iron which assists memory, attention span and general alertness.
  • Beets: These have Phenylalanine which is an amino acid that helps relays messages from one brain cell to another.
  • Citrus fruits: These help brain cells resist damage and retain memory.
  • Broccoli and all Cruciferous vegetables: Help protect brain tissue from toxins.
  • Baby Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables: These are loaded with iron which assists memory, mental functioning and concentration.

The above are just a few of the many foods which not only assist in your weight loss efforts but also boost your brain power. How good is that and doesn't that make you even more determined to change you pattern of eating?

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