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Weight Loss And Metabolism In Your 40s
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Weight loss and metabolism are two words that go hand in hand, They are like sun and shine or rain and clouds, you can not seperate the two worlds, they work in tandem with each other.Ok lets say you are in your 40's or to be more precise in your early 40's ie between the ages of 40 - 45. When we get to that stage in our lives, alot of the things that we used to take for granted , slowly start to abandon us, for instance at 40 we dont posses the energy we had as a 20 year old, at 40 we dont have a quick recovery time from injury as a 20 year old.

Now every one knows as we age, so does or body, so therfore if you think that or rather if you see something on t.v. that a 20 year old is doing (maybe running, maybe jumping whatever it is) with ease. And you think to yourself i can do that just as easily. I would say to you stop,and think for a second or two, you are older and wiser now, you know your body cant compete with a 20 year old ( no matter what your heart says) , so dont bother trying , instead work with your body learn where your boundaries are , and don't be fooled by the jumping jack on t.v. Now you may be wondering why am i explaining this all to you. Well it is because as a 40 year old myself, i also feel that energy wise, and body mobility wise things are notas super great as they once used to be. But being older and more mature, i have realised that what i may have lost in youth and energy, i have gained in intellect, experience and patitience. So what i am going to explain to you next is very important, So please take note.

In our 40's our bodies tend to burn calories alot, lot slower than in our 20's.This is not because we have become lazy or we have started eating a lot more, no it is because our metabolism has slowed down. Our metabolism is not as super active as it was in our teens or in our 20's or even for some in our 30's. Our metabolism is, what realy dictates our body form. The slower the metabolism works, the slower it burns up the calories, and if we eat un healthy foods, such as cheese burger, fries etc ,etc , more and more calories will pile on and with a slow meatbolism weight gain inevitably occurs.

So how do we combat this weight gain with a slow metabolim. Well with a good Diet plan in place, and with more healthier choice of foods to eat we can work with our metabolim. Healthier foods does not mean abandon fries and cheese burgers for ever. no it means eat foods which carry the same amount of energy release as say cheese buger but without the calorie intensity.Another element we must remember in our 40's exercise to lose weight is very important, it is liike a catalyst to weight loss, with a good diet plan in place. Exercise regularly, exercise everday if you can, but start gently, do not go on a overkill mode, and think you will lose so many extra pounds with a 100 mile run. You will only injure yourself without preparation and that could set you back in your mission.

So remember think, plan your startergy, get a good Diet plan in place, (it is imperaitve) and begin your task.

Author Bio: John Bond is a dedicated weight loss enthusiast and blogger,He is an expert in the field of weight loss, and health and fitness. To date he has helped may people achieve their goals and ambitions ,with his ability to help them plan prepare and take action to achieve their goals.

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