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Weight Loss Diet And Nutrition
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Weight Loss Diet And Nutrition

Weight Loss Through Diet and Nutrition

Food and Your Body

Who doesn't like food? Food has to be one of the most loved thing's in the United States. There is a reason obesity is on the rise. Nutritional knowledge is not where it needs to be. Food to your body is like fuel to a vehicle. What you put into your gas tank will determine how your car runs. Same goes for the types of thing's you feed your body. Your body will react accordingly. "Cleaner" is the key. Cleaner, meaning the healthier the food the better. Knowing the right weight loss diet and nutrition plan is the key.

Losing Weight Through Nutrition

When you determine that your goal is losing weight but more so with a weight loss diet and nutrition plan, know that it will be a lot easier than you think. The basic principle is the same across the board when you talk about nutrition and weight. Basically, you need to know the amount of calories you need to eat in a day from the time you wake up until you go to sleep again, in turn keeping your weight the same. Losing or gaining weight revolve around this calorie amount. This is your "Resting Metabolic Rate." When you figure out the amount of resting calories that are needed, the basic idea is to eat more calories than that in a 24 hour period to gain weight, eat the same amount of calories to keep your weight the same and to get some weight simply have to eat less calories then that number.

The RMR Formulas:

* Men: (10 x W) + (6.25 x H) - (5 x A) + 5

* Women: (10 x W) + (6.25 x H) - (5 x A) - 161

* Multiply either one by the activity factor that applies to you and your lifestyle.

Note that the letters in the formula stand for the following:

W- Is your weight in kg.

H - Is your height in cm

A - Is your Age

Avtivity Factor:

* 1.2 - Little/No Activity and/or a job sitting down.

* 1.375 - Light Activity 1-3 days a week.

* 1.55 - Medium Activity 3-5 days a week.

* 1.725 - Hard activity 6-7 days a week.

* 1.9 - Hard activity and a very physical job.

NOTE: Your weight is your lean body weight.

Eat Clean and Know What a Cheat Day Really Is

Like I said in the beginning, the cleaner or healthier the foods you consume to meat you RMR calorie needs....the better off you will be and feel. The best foods to eat are typically the ones that are freshly picked, steamed in a pot, pulled out of the oven and/or taken off a grill/barbecue. When it comes to that "Magical" day to cheat, you can break from this "CLEAN" eating ritual and indulge in the area of a weight loss diet and nutrition plan that you may want to avoid, even though it is allowed. The problem with a cheat day is typically one of two or both of the following:

1 - Day Long Cheating: This is a big mistake. People tend to open the flood gates of not so clean foods, from the time they wake......all the way to when they close there eyes to sleep at night. The cheat day is really just an hour in the day that you will choose to eat what and how you want. When the hour is up, you return to the weight loss diet and nutrition plan that you are following.

2 - The Wait Time Until Cheating: Has to be another big deal that is crucial. People tend to start cheating on the weight loss diet and nutrition program way too early. I always say that a cheat day should be avoided at all cost for at least 6 weeks. This way the body can adjust and rid itself of all the years of not so clean eating.

Some Food Ideas

Protein: These are your meat, bean, legume, nut...etc. sources, which is very important for the repairs your muscles need from day to day living and or fitness routines you may be following. Stick to less reds and more whites or light meats. The light meats tend to digest faster and more thorough. Leaving you less "Bloated." Two of my favorites are Chicken and Fish. I only eat a red meat once a week. If you are involved in a fitness routine or just have a physically exhausting job, I highly recommend a pre and/or post routine or job, protein shake.

Carbohydrates: These are your bread and pasta sources, which is responsible for your energy and nutrient transportation and distribution through the body. Your carbs should be as dark as possible, in a sense. A good rule of thumb to follow is to eat your "White" or light carbs first thing in the morning when you wake up and right after a fitness routine or hard work. These are the two crucial times for the body to "Need" these types of carbs to transport a quick source of energy from fasting all night while asleep and to deliver or transport your nutrients, supplement's and or post workout drinks such as a protein shake. Some examples of "white" carbs are: As for the rest of the day, you want to stick to carbs light wheats, grains and oats. These will give long lasting energy and help to keep you fuller longer. Some choices I like are: wheat bread, grain bread, oatmeal and wheat pastas.

Stay On Track For Results

After you find a weight loss and nutrition program that will be suitable for you, the results are endless. Stick to what you learn and tailor it later on, to better for you and your lifestyle. Consistency is the key with any weight loss diet and nutrition plan....and fitness routine if you are following one. Keep logs of your meals and snacks. Set small goals and stick with it. Your results will come, some faster than other. With some weight loss and nutrition plans, you will not even have to have a fitness routine. Good Luck!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional. By following my own trials, errors, advice, opinion/s and what I have learned along the way, you are doing so on your own behalf and of your own free will. You do not hold me liable for any outcome.

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