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Weight Mastery
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Weight Mastery

The first step to mastering your ideal weight is assessing your current habits and lifestyle. Mastering weight reduction is really about getting to know yourself better. Ask yourself a few questions like:

1) How many times do I snack in a day?

2) If I do snack, what types of snacks do I choose to eat?

3) Do I enjoy exercise?

4) How many times a week do I engage in physical exercise?

5) How many times a week do I eat fried foods?

6) Do I eat midnight snacks?

7) If I do eat midnight snacks, what kind?

8) Have I ever cleansed?(I am referring to an internal system cleanse.)

9) Is it easy to walk away from the table when I am full?

10) Do I eat in the living room, bedroom, or just at the table?

11) Do I only eat when sitting down? Or, do I munch and graze on the go?

12) What size is my plate?

These may sound like basic questions when determining some key causes of being overweight, but many people engage in midnight snacking, for example, and can’t figure out why they are gaining weight.

Obesity is extremely serious and extremely personal, but reality is, we need to get to the root cause of why we are over our desired and healthy weight, and be willing to change or modify our habits to support our weight loss goals.

Once the areas of concerns are identified, break each one down even further. Ask yourself the "5 Whys". Using the midnight snacking habit, it would go something like this:

I eat midnight snacks...why?

I get too hungry before I go to bed...why?

I eat dinner early because I'm hungry when I get home from work...why?

I never eat lunch...why?

I don't have time in the morning to pack a lunch...why?

I go to bed too late and it's hard to get up in the morning...

Resolution: Either choose to go to bed earlier, eat light healthy midnight snacks two hours before you plan on going to bed, or get up in the morning in time to pack a lunch so supper can be a little later (but not too late!).

The reason a person needs to identify the root cause is to find a weight reduction program that will work for them so they can realistically achieve their ideal weight goals.

It isn't a one size fits all solution. Some experience emotional barriers, others have a lack of knowledge of healthy eating habits, some snack excessively, others avoid exercise, etc.

Meeting your needs could be:

  • An easy to follow meal plan;
  • Adopting an exercise program;
  • Having packaged meals delivered to your home;
  • Participating in a hypnosis program to overcome emotional barriers; or
  • Finding healthy snacks to fill in between meals.

Once you identify your main driving force(s) for not being at your ideal weight, it is easier to find a program that will work for you and help you stop gaining weight.

As you discover the root cause(s), then you can locate a program that will help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

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