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What Are Dukan Diet Tolerated Foods?
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Tolerated foods are permitted on the Dukan diet once dieters are in the Cruise phase. They are not allowed during the Attack phase.

The Dukan diet is evolving all the time. Although the concept of tolerated foods does not appear in the first English editions of the book, “The Dukan Diet”, it has been present in a hidden form from very early on. In essence, tolerated foods are an attempt to respond to some of the most frequent problems, temptations and frustrations encountered by people following the Dukan diet.

For example, the concept of being able to use a certain quantity of cornflour (cornstarch) arose because one dieter, who was consulting privately with Pierre Dukan, complained she was unable to cook properly without it. Even though starches are forbidden in general, she was allowed to use a small quantity of cornstarch every day to thicken sauces or for whatever other purpose she required. Cornstarch is now a tolerated food.

Two very popular tolerated foods, which go well together are rhubarb and custard. Rhubarb stewed with sweetener is the only “fruit” that it is possible to have during Cruise (in fact, rhubarb is actually a vegetable!). The custard is made with standard custard powder, sweetener and skimmed milk. Of course, a custard made with skimmed milk, eggs and sweetener would count as part of the main list of permitted foods, provided that the eggs came within the weekly limit of five yolks.

Fruit yoghurts are listed among tolerated foods to satisfy cravings for fruit, which is otherwise not allowed at all, apart from rhubarb, during Cruise. The yoghurt must contain less than 2% fat and no sugar.

Chocolate can frequently be a dieter’s downfall. A small quantity of reduced fat cocoa powder is allowed as a tolerated food in the Dukan diet. The maximum fat content is strictly defined. The quantity suffices to make one chocolate drink, or it can be mixed into yoghurt, or sprinkled over no-sugar jelly (jello).

The only cheeses that can be eaten reasonably freely in the Dukan diet are quark cheese and cottage cheese, which have less than 2% fat content. Both these cheeses come within the 1 kg (2.2 lbs) daily dairy allowance. However, some other cheeses with a slightly higher fat content are listed as tolerated foods.

Dieters on the coached Dukan program have access to a list of tolerated foods within their private section of the web site.

The quantities of tolerated foods that are permitted on the Dukan diet are strictly defined. Also, only two items from the list are allowed in any one day. What is more, tolerated foods should only be used during active weight loss. During "stagnation", which is a temporary period during which there is no or hardly any weight loss, dieters on the coached program are advised to avoid tolerated foods and increase physical activity until things start moving again.

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