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What Are Your Resolutions For 2013?
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Have you made any resolutions for 2013? Many people make resolutions in the hopes of changing their lives for the better.

One resolution people may make is to perform better at work. They may resolve to be more productive, for example, by learning to type faster. They may also resolve to get along better with their coworkers. These are good resolutions, because they make work a better experience for everyone involved. It is very difficult to work if one worker is performing his job slowly. When he is slow, other workers must then step in to help him so that the entire workplace can meet its deadlines. Resolving to be a better employee is not the only resolution that people make, of course.

They may resolve to get more sleep. More sleep will make them more energetic and productive, more pleasant to be around, and less forgetful. It will also keep them healthier. They can avoid getting sick if they get more sleep.

Most often, however, people resolve to lose weight. They have already seen the family pictures and did not like how they looked in these pictures. They want to lose weight so that they can feel better about themselves, be healthier, wear flattering clothing, move around easier, and look better for the upcoming swimsuit season.

Many people want to lose weight. They often have trouble keeping this resolution, however, because temptation is everywhere. In office buildings, for example, there are often vending machines on each floor. These vending machines advertise items like high calorie snacks and soft drinks. A person can resist the temptation to stop at the vending machines by simply avoiding them. When taking his breaks, for example, he can walk in a different direction in order to avoid passing the machines. By staying away from them, he can save both calories and money. Instead of visiting the vending machines during his breaks, he can use this time to take a brisk walk around the parking lot. His walk will allow him to burn off the energy that he has built up by sitting still and will also help him to relieve stress. Similarly, if a person normally passes a fast food restaurant on his way home from work, he can go home a different way. When he gets home, he will be relieved to still have money in his pocket, and he will be glad that he did not spoil his appetite before dinner. He can then sit down at the table with his family and enjoy a good meal, and they can all enjoy some time together.

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I love the drive by the fast food restaurant! I am making plans for the new year, but hate to call them resolutions, even though they qualify. here is to 2013!

  about 9 years ago
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