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What Fruit Should I Eat To Lose Weight?
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This is a question that many dieters often ask. There are many fruits that are known to aid with weight loss and some diets that rely exclusively on one type of fruit only. So the answer to the question ‘what fruit should I eat to lose weight?’ can vary.

You have probably heard of the Grapefruit diet where people have to consume large amounts of grapefruit over a certain period of time. It has been the choice of many people who wonder about what fruit should I eat to lose weight. This is an extreme diet and one that may have some health risks associated with it. Grapefruit is known to help curb your appetite and aid in detoxifying your body, but does it provide you with all the nutrients you need to sustain your body over time?

Many people who use this diet as an answer to ‘what fruit should I eat to lose weight?’ may find that they lose energy fairly quickly. This is because your body requires fuel to function correctly. If not fuelled correctly it will not be able to manage and you will get sick.

So the best answer for ‘what fruit should I eat to lose weight?’ maybe to include grapefruits into your diet along with other foods. Many dieticians recommend eating a grapefruit last thing at night as this will help to cleanse your body while you sleep.

If you find yourself snacking at certain times through the day then have a grapefruit at this time. This will really help curb your appetite and help to reduce your cravings for sweet and fatty foods. If you are not that fond of grapefruits then there are other fruits that serve the same purpose as grapefruits. These fruits are: • Oranges • Pineapples • Lemons • Limes • Grapes • Apples These fruits are the ones that have been proven to be the most detoxifying for your body due to their acid content. By detoxing your body you are flushing out unwanted fats and toxins and this will help to jump start your weight loss efforts.

As with any diet it is important not to go to any extremes. Just start by including more fruit in your day and you will feel the benefits surprisingly quickly. You will feel more alert, your skin will start to look better and your energy levels will increase. As you can see there is no one answer to the question ‘what fruit should I eat to lose weight?’ It will depend upon your personal taste and your health and weight loss goals.

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