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What Is 80/10/10?
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You may be wondering and curious from the title, What actually is 80/10/10 and how does it contribute to weight loss? 80/10/10 is a beautiful and simple way of life, eating and rapid weight loss. It is the most sensible way to live and the most enjoyable way to live. I know this because I have been doing this for years as well as many others! Now let me explain to you what it is, how you can achieve this, and more importantly how amazing you will feel and why you will feel that way..

80/10/10 is basically 80% of your calories from carbs, 10% of your calories from protein, and 10% of your calories from fat, BUT only from fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. When People get into the raw vegan or vegan life style they end up taking the high fat low carb root which can actually do more harm than good. What you need to apply is eating as much fruit as you desire ( make sure ripe and sweet) and as much vegetables as you desire, but cutting down on the fat.

What most people don't realize is that there IS fat and protein in fruits and vegetables, it just so happens to be the perfect amount for our human bodies. The over eating of fat and protein is actually dangerous to the human body, more is never better, what you need is the right amount. Dr. Douglas N Graham is the person who showed me every little detail about this lifestyle and everything made complete sense! I am no longer confused, frustrated or unhealthy! I now live an abundant honest life! There are thousands of people just like me doing this 80/10/10 lifestyle, some for more than 30 years! it works trust me.

How you can Achieve health and succeed in losing weight and becoming a vibrant, happy, fulfilled person, is following these steps bellow!

  • Get rid of your fear of eating to many calories in a day.
  • Get rid of the fear of carbs, they do not and will not make you fat EVER
  • eat fruit until you do not crave or want anything else
  • drink lots of water
  • get lots of sleep!
  • surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people, who search for greatness.
  • THATS IT! ... oh and have FUN

Simple right? It is so exciting to see the difference in your health so quickly! 80/10/10 is a simplistic way of life. It is what we are designed for and it is the most pleasant experience I have ever been through and go through every day!

When you create a beautiful life like this, everything changes. You will think differently, you will want to go outside and have fun, relationships will be better, you will be so awake and aware of everything so it is impossible to be manipulated or brainwashed in anyway. Some days I literally start giggling for no reason just because I feel fantastic and thankful for everything in life. You become more in the now and less stressed about everyday things. Your sleep is amazing and your want to do good and meaningful things as life grows. You start to attract the people that are awake as well and connect with things you never connected with before. Your beauty will grow, with glowing skin and shiny hair , your eyes will be bright and your body will thank you.. The world will thank you.

When changing to this lifestyle you will also save millions of animals every year, save the forests drastically, it will help feed the hungry because there will be more feeding people than cows. You will help create better soil for better produce of fruit and vegetables. You will help protect bio-diversity. You will help save three times the amount of water. You can reverse the destruction of ocean environments. The meat and dairy industry alone is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2, this is much higher than transport.. you would be helping drastically with our climate. You alone would be saving the planet. You alone would make a HUGE difference. You alone could change the world by feeling better and becoming the you, you have always wanted to be..

I encourage you to research more about how becoming a high carb low fat vegan can help you and the planet. There is a lot of information out there and supporting facts to help understand how becoming a vegan is something that everyone should take action on. It is important to get all the facts to completely understand how big of a change you can make just by choosing not to eat flesh. I wish someone told me earlier in life , that is why I am sharing this, It is only to help you and give you the chance of knowing the truth.

The truth is a rare thing out there. Usually people only know half the story and forget the rest. To know both sides to a story is important in understanding information correctly and clearly. I have researched for years on this topic, and have been applying it to my life for years. I have never felt better, me and my husband are helping others become healthy and happy like we are. There is no dishonesty from us, we are here to help others and help the planet as well. It is our passion, we find such great meaning in life feeling great and supporting you with what you need! When you live this lifestyle you will also find your passion!

When it comes down to it, why WOULDN'T you treat yourself the abundance of feeling amazing? Why Wouldn't you want to live a life meaningful and beautiful, why wouldn't you want to help save mother earth? 80/10/10 is the perfect human diet that has no bad side and is the simplest to follow. Eat enough fruit to feel great, sleep enough to be fully awake, and drink enough water for optimal digestion. I hope this article has helped you understand some things you may not have known before! Much love

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