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What Is A Low Carbohydrate Diet
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A low carbohydrate diet is an eating plan that takes out sugar. That may sound simple but in fact sugar is present in many foods and occurs in different forms. Sugar is what is called a simple or primary carbohydrate. More complex carbohydrates are found in many foods that we eat on a daily basis.

Foods that contain complex carbohydrates are things like potatoes, rice, bead and pasta. A low carbohydrate diet would primarily involve cutting out those foods. These foods are nothing but sugar really. When they break down in your stomach and enter your blood stream they have become sugar. This raises a hormone in your body called insulin. Insulin then changes the blood sugar in to glycogen and then into fat. It is this process of raising our blood sugar level above a certain point that stimulates our body to lay down fat.

Carbohydrates stimulate this bodily response more than any other food type and this is why low carbohydrate plans are so popular and effective. By restricting our carbohydrate intake we are stopping our body laying down fat. Not only does a low carbohydrate diet stop fat being deposited, It also increases fat burning. When not eating carbohydrates the body's blood sugar level drops. Blood sugar is what the body uses for energy. When this drops the body then goes to its reserves which is the fat supply. So not eating carbohydrates can be an efficient way to lose weight.

Some more extreme low carbohydrate plans would ask you to cut out fruit and most vegetables too. There are naturally occurring sugars in vegetables and fruits and some plans argue that consuming fruit and vegetables is raising your insulin levels and therefore you should avoid them for the first two weeks of the weight loss plan.

Nutritionists and doctors do not advise this extreme low carbohydrate approach. What has been shown to be more effective is to cut out the complex carbohydrates ( bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) and add more fruit and vegetables as a substitute. This way the individual is not starving themselves and they are adopting a more healthy style of eating. The weight loss experienced is as effective and longer lasting when this more healthy attitude is used.

For you to know exactly what is a low carbohydrate diet, you need to know the truth about food. I would say take out all forms of refined or unnaturally occurring sugar. That is no pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, anything with flour, and refined or processed foods. Just eat natural food. Steak, fish, chicken, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Eat simple uncomplicated meals and not only are you losing weight you are eating your way to a healthier life.

A year ago I was looking to change my eating habits so went on a quest to find the answer to 'what is a low carbohydrate diet?'. I extensively researched and found varying answers to 'what is a low carbohydrate diet?'. As you can see from this article there are varying schools of thought. Some say no rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. Others say to eliminate those foods plus sugar and all fruits and vegetables which are high in sugar. I took the middle road. I removed all complex carbohydrates from my diet and any refined foods or processed foods and sugar. But I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables. This worked for me. I lost all my excess weight and have kept it off for nearly a year. You need to find out the answer to 'what is a low carbohydrate diet that works for you?'.

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