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What The Fitness Industry Doesnt Want You To Know
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Do you hate to exercise?

Or put even differently, do you hate working out in a gym or using home gym equipment?

I don't hate exercise. In fact, I'm an aerobic addict. I've been running since I was around age 19, and in my younger days, played baseball, basketball, and football.

My workouts, until recently, usually consisted of running 3 miles a day, 6 days a week. It's a good stress reliever for me and I've gotten pretty accustomed to that routine. But I noticed as I got older, that even though I was doing all that running, I was gaining weight. And I might add that I eat pretty healthfully as well.

And even though my doctor recommended I lose a few pounds, I was quite perplexed why I was gaining, considering my routine. He suggested that I start adding in some weight training, but quite frankly, that is the kind of exercise I hate. There is nothing more boring to me than moving from one weight machine to another and doing those repetitive routines for an hour.

And in talking to most people who have started weight training exercises in the past, they have the same feelings as me. They started out with good intentions, but then after about a month of faithfully sticking to their routine, they found themselves getting bored and unmotivated.

That's really too bad because weight training is a fantastic way to get in shape. Weight training adds muscle and muscle burns more calories, even at rest. So the more muscle you can add to your body, the better.

So when I heard about Joel Therien's new fitness program, I was intrigued, but also a little skeptical.

Anyone who knows Joel can obviously determine that he understands a little something about getting in shape. The man used to compete worldwide in body building placing #6 in the world at one time. And he's still in great shape.

And even though Joel is known as the head of a large internet marketing company in GVO, his first love has always been fitness. In fact, before he got involved in internet marketing, he received his degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation, and worked in that field for awhile.

But Joel was preaching something completely different that what I had ever heard before about getting in shape. In fact, he states that the fitness industry has been lying to the public for years.

Joel was saying that it was possible to get in great shape by working out for 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week. And not only that, he said that that is what he has always done. After hearing all my life that you had to work out for hours a day to get in great shape, this just seemed hard to believe. But I decided I had to try it for myself.

So I joined in March of this year.

The first thing I liked about the program is that it is tailored to you. They ask you several questions about your physique, your age, etc. and then design a plan to help you get in great shape.

They also provide delicious and healthy meals you can prepare for yourself to meet your goals.

Then they demonstrate the exercises that you need to perform in video format so that you can see exactly how to do them.

This was just too easy.

How was I going to get in shape doing these simple exercises for 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week?

But I stuck with it and was amazed to see that I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks!

And not only that, but my wife noticed how much more tone I was and I was getting stronger as I increased the weights I was using from week to week.

So what's the secret?

Joel calls it "momentary muscular failure".

You work your muscles to a point where you can no longer do the exercise. This breaks down the muscle, and then by resting a day, gives the muscle time to repair itself, and building the muscle even bigger. Keep doing this over time and your muscles will get bigger, you will get toner, and in great shape.

You don't have to work for hours in the gym to get the body you want. So quit listening to what all those so-called fitness experts have been preaching all these years. All they want to do is sell you all their fitness related goods and services.

Just do 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week. It's a revolutionary idea but it works! It has for me and many others who are on the program.

And here's the beauty of it all. Anyone can work out for 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week. You don't get bored. You don't dread doing the routines. So you can stay motivated, and actually look forward to doing the routines.

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