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What To Eat In The Morning
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What to eat in the morning

You're on a diet and you're planning your meals. What's the first and most important meal of the day. That's right, breakfast!

How do you feel when you wake up? Do you get up jump into your clothes and ride your bike to work with a big smile on your face? If so, you are in the minority there.


I think I'm more of the norm as far as how people feel in the morning when they wake up. I either feel very tired still or, unfortunately, a little on the grumpy side.

Turn that frown upside down

To get yourself going and improve your disposition in the morning one of the best things you can do is eat the right foods. Do you know what to eat in the morning? Read on and I will tell you what to eat in the morning.

Morning Coffee

What is the drink of champions for all of us non-morning people. Something to get us going, like coffee right? Wrong. Coffee will pep you up and get you going, but before long you'll crash from that caffeine and most likely, sugar high and you'll have to keep drinking to keep it up. You're not going to get to you're ideal weight drinking cup after cup of coffee and that's no way to keep yourself going. Instead have a drink of water. It'll get your metabolism going and fill you up a little so you don't require as much food.

What to eat in the morning

So, back to that ideal breakfeast. How many people have time to prepare a totally healthy breakfast in the morning between getting the kids ready for school and everything else you have to do to get to work. The answer is everyone. Why? because a great healthy breakfast that will get you going in the morning is a bowl of fruit. Actually, there's some work involved beforehand. You could prepare a big bowl of fruit salad the night before. Then, all that's involved is getting a spoon and bowl from the cupboard to get a serving of the healthy breakfast you need.

Keeps you going

Just like my example of coffee giving you a short supply of energy. Those sugary foods will do the same. I'm pretty sure we all know that donuts are not healthy for us. They're sugar, lard and bread. Tastes great, will jump start you, but they're full of calories, fat, and you'll crash quickly from the sugar high. Whereas, if you eat a bowl of fruit, you'll get that natural sweetness from natural sugar and the body will use that over a longer period of time instead in contrast to the short burst from the sugar in donuts or that box of sugar pops cereal.

If you didn't fix that bowl of fruit the night before, pour yourself a nice refreshing glass of orange juice or fruit juice.

What to eat in the morning, protein If you can find time you will definitely want to add protein rich foods to your diet. This will also jump start your metabolism and get you going. Eggs(egg whites if you're worried about your cholesterol), canadian bacon, peanut butter, whole wheat toast, and dairy products are all great sources of protein.

Do you have a better idea of what to eat in the morning?

If you are wondering here are some of the benefits of fruits, other than getting your motor going in the morning. You may be interested and surprised to hear the benefits of eating a bowl of fruit.


If you are at a high risk for stroke, fruits might decrease that risk. By adding fruits to your breakfast you will be reducing your chance of developing cardiovascular issues.

Type 2 Diabetes

If your doctor has told you that you are in danger of suffering from type 2 diabetes or you think that you should be concerned about type 2 diabetes, you should add fruits to your diet. By adding fruits you have found one way to reduce your risk.


Eating fruits will help you to reduce the chance that you will get some types of cancer. If I wanted to know what to eat in the morning I would pay attention to this.


Fruits are good foods to include in your diet to get fiber. What will fiber do for your health. If you are taking in proper amounts of fiber you are decreasing the chance you will suffer from coronary heart disease.

Kids love fruit

If your kids love sweets, fruits are a good substitute for those cereals that are loaded with sugar. Fruits have natural sugar that is much better for them than the processed sugar in those cereals.

More Common Sense

Do you now know what to eat in the morning. If you add fruits into your diet you will be making a great decision. You will be improving your chances of achieving a healthy body and you will also most likely be reducing your calorie intake, which is a good step in the weight loss process.

Now you know what to eat in the morning and you can take another step in journey for healthy weight loss diets and a healthy lean body.

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