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What's It Going To Take And Weight Related Disease
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Just sitting around

Have you been just sitting around watching tv thinking about losing weight and thinking about what will come if you don't lose weight, possibly a weight related disease. If you have then it is time to do something, take some action, get off the couch.

Motivate Yourself

I know there are many people that for one reason or another decide that they don't want to get off the couch. They would rather sit on the couch thinking about losing weight than actually doing something to lose weight. I've talked to many people about this. What's your reason. Is it too hard for you to get started on a program. Yeah, I've been there. You have to think of something to motivate yourself.

You're exposed

I've sat around at times watching movies or even watching exercise videos thinking about what I need to do to lose the weight. There are lots of other people that do that and I know I'm not the only one that has done that because I've read many message boards and chats. Do you know what you've done if you admitted that you do this? You've exposed yourself and disproved one of the top excuses for not getting up and taking action. You do have the time. If you are sitting there watching tv and watching other people exercise you do have time to exercise yourself.

Heading for disaster

I'm not really trying to stop people from making excuses in this article. What I really want people to realize about sitting around and not doing anything about their increasing weight is that you are heading for disaster.

One wish

If a wizard appeared to you one day and said, "I'm going to give you a choice, you can be overweight and live until you're 50 or be in shape and fit and live until you're 100," would there be any hesitation in your answer. Of course not. Anyone in their right mind would choose to live a long healthy life.

Care about yourself

In reality the healthy long life choice is not as easy as a wizard granting you a wish, but if you care about yourself you will take this choice to heart. There are so many more things you will accomplish throughout your life if you are healthy and are living at a healthy weight.

The consequences of non-action

On the other hand there are so many more issues you will face if you do not take the healthy choice. You will discover that weight related disease will be waiting around each corner for you. You will endanger yourself and you will not like the results of weight related disease.

High Cholesterol

One of the weight related disease that will take control of you if you don't take matters into your own hands is high cholesterol. Your cholesterol level will rise. If you don't know anything about cholesterol here's a rundown of what high cholesterol levels cause. High cholesterol will cause plaque to build up in your arteries. Imagine the sink in your home. If you've ever had your pipes clogged you know what happens when the plaque builds up in your arteries. The water in your pipes has nowhere to go or the flow is restricted, just like the blood in your arteries cannot get through. The difference in these 2 scenarios is your body needs the blood to circulate through your arteries. Your plumbing does not need the water. If that blood does not circulate you are in trouble.

What will it take

There are other weight related disease that will affect you're body negatively. So, what will it take you to get off that couch and take some action. Will that first doctor visit where he gives you a prescription for high cholesterol or some other weight related disease get you going or will it take something worse to happen to you.

Take Action

Weight related disease is a wake up call for everyone. Do you really need a wake up call. Most people know if they are overweight or not. Let that be your trigger. Take control of yourself and don't let a weight related disease take control of you. Motivate yourself to lose weight before a disease takes control of you.

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