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Why Am I Fat? How Your Daily “actions” May Be Preventing Fat Loss
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Why Am I Fat? How Your Daily “actions” May Be Preventing Fat Loss

Two of the most commonly asked questions today by people are why am I fat, or why can’t I lose weight. Now everyone has their excuses such as I watch what I eat or I exercise daily. But what we don’t understand is that one itty bitty thing we do during our daily routine could be preventing weight loss.

Think about how you start your day. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Many people don’t even remember what they do by the time noon arrives. One key factor to remember is: your future/successes/failure is hidden in your daily routine. That’s right your actions could be preventing your fat loss.

Have you ever observed others during the day? Perhaps you paid attention to your friends, family or coworkers. For example, I have a sister who is very skinny. She seems to eat a lot of junk food and for the life of myself and many others could not figure out how she stays so skinny. Well I paid more attention to what she does when I’m around her. She may eat a handful of something and that’s it, or she may not finish up what she is eating. Plus she’s kind of ‘hyper”. What I mean is she’s constantly moving around doing something. See we were only paying attention to how much she eats and the junk, not the other factors.

The same may apply to other situations. There may be an obese person who claims they can never lose weight but every time you turn around they are going to the drive-thru, constantly snacking throughout most of the day beyond the point of being full, and eating everything they come in contact with. Or they may be the first to the table at the company pot luck.

The point I am trying to get across is there is always a hidden reason why an individual is either fat or skinny. Situations are not always as they seem and your eyes could be fooling you. You have to consider all of your daily actions if you want to be successful at losing weight.

Ask yourself these questions:

• What do you drink during the day and how often

• What time do you eat breakfast

• Which meal do you eat the most food

• How many times do you snack during the day

The answers you provide to these questions do play a key factor to how successful you are with losing fat. For example, if you constantly consume high calorie drinks, you pack on the pounds. Many people don’t consider or even count the calories from drinks in their diets. They only count the food calories and that’s a big mistake. Also if you eat more during dinner and less at breakfast, this can make you fat. See during the day you will have a better chance of burning all the calories from breakfast. At dinner it is closer to bedtime and those calories most likely will not get burnt. Most people relax after dinner and the moving around is over for the day.

If people make simple changes in their routine, they will start to see results. You can’t expect to lose weight if you are not observant of what you put in your mouth or don’t remember how you start your day. Pay close attention to everything you do. Not only will you prevent mistakes, you will be successful at accomplishing all of your goals in life

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