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Why Count Calories?
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We all want to count calories to lose weight. The problem with that is your metabolism. It slows right down. Now it becomes harder to lose weight. So why count calories? Let me explain both the negative and the positive.

Experts say that if you want to lose weight over a long period of time you shouldn't cut to many calories all at once.

Now the bad news. How many calories does the body need daily? Your body only needs so many calories each day. If there are to many it won't use them. They are kept in a safe place and turned into fat to be used another day. Yikes! Be careful then to find out how many calories you burn in a day. Then just consume that amount in your daily diet. Success.

So as you can see to lose weight you need to take in a certain amount of calories. This will ensure the body has a chance to burn them all off especially if you are exercising as well. This will help you to lose weight much faster.

So how many calories should you eat every day? Good question. Consider your weight, age, and if male or female. Yes this makes a difference. If you lead an active life you will need more because you will be burning more.

For the average person one pound of body weight equals 3500 calories. So by taking in 3500 fewer calories you will magically lose one pound.

Try to lose 3500 calories in a diet. It would be vertually impossible. It might work if you are taking in a huge amount of calories. Then if you take 3500 less you could still stay healthy and give your body enough nutrients to stay fit as a fiddle.

You might try taking supplements. Combine this with exercising regularily and you will see a lean mean fighting machine. Your body benefits in many ways as it still gets everthing it needs to function at a high level. Exercise can consist of a short crisp daily walk. These walks can be about 15 to 20 minutes long but need to be at a good pace to be burning off fat.

If you feel inclined there is the option of joining a gym or an exercise group which would meet regularily. This would be fun as you would have company and be making new friends all having the same goals in mind of losing weight and becoming healthier.

Why count calories? You could lose 10 pounds a year with 100 less calories a day. This would be 36,500 fewer calories. You would then be successful in your weight loss program.

That is an easily accomplished weight reduction with very little change to your lifestyle and habits. Go for it.

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