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Why Is Weight Lose So Hard?
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How can you lose weight? With all the new weight lose inventions out there these days. How do we know what to chose. How Do we know what to take? How do we know where to get it with out getting ripped off? and How the heck do we know if its going to work for us cause we  see skinny people on the advertising why cant they show a real person that has lose SOME weight someone who looks NATURAL not born skinny and nothing they do will make them FAT!! 

I have been doing my homework about this one topic because you and I both know that there is not a magic diet out there that will make you look like the skinny girls on all the advertising that out there today. so what will really work for us natural hard to lose, big boned, fluffy women or man. It all really comes down to what you eat. HELLOOO you can eat all you want and expect to pop a pill or drink a magic drink and wake up in the morning and be skinny!! no we have to know what we are eating and what time we eat and how we can raise our metabolism and if we can do that then maby we can start seeing some of that nasty weight come off and we can feel so much better about our selfs. Get with the right way to do it not some over the night trick or extream way. we just have to be smart about this its our life!! why would you want to carry around a huge butt or a huge tummy when you can carry around that cute bag that goes with the sexy dress that wont show a fat roll.

I know from having babies and stress from everyday life will make it hard to stick to something 95% of us start something and never finsh they quite with in 2 months cause they see no results but I'm hoping that we can change this number in KIDS and us adults. If you look at the facts you will be just as shocked as I was ALARMING IS MORE LIKE IT!!


Thank you for you time and helping change people's life's for the better. Our kids lifes are the way of the furture.


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Hi Jeniffer! I really enjoyed reading your article! Agree with you that it is stupid to search for the magic pill for weight loss...and to realize that only changing your life style can help you to lose weight for long distances! Check out my page about fitness, diet and much more..that im working on, you can find link im my profile here on S.A.

  about 6 years ago
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