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Why Lose Body Fat Diets Don’t Work - Learn The One Secret You Need To Know
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Why Lose Body Fat Diets Don’t Work  -  Learn the One Secret You Need to Know

How do you choose from the plethora of lose body fat diets on the market? It’s confusing.

Why are there so many disparate approaches to dieting? It’s a smarmy business.

It is an indisputable fact that dieting, in the traditional sense, does not work. Studies suggest a failure rate anywhere between 85 and 98 percent. That’s not good.

What is the main reason lose body fat diets fail?

They focus on caloric restriction.

The one similarity that all diets have, from South Beach to Raw Food to Grapefruit, is they focus on limiting calories. You might say “Well, duh!” Of course calories are limited, it’s a diet! The reason we are getting fat, you say, is we are eating too many calories. And that is certainly what the diet industry believes but their success rate would suggest they don’t know what they are talking about. If weight loss was simply a matter of balancing the “calories in - calories out” equation, you wouldn't see so many overweight people walking around.

You are not getting fat because you are eating too many calories. You are eating too many calories because you are getting fat. Take a moment to digest, pardon the pun, that statement. It is true that a larger person requires more calories to run their body than a smaller person. If you don’t get fat because of the amount of calories consumed, why do you get fat?

Calories In - Calories Out (calories consumed vs calories burned) doesn't work.

Practically everyone believes that to lose weight, you must burn more calories than consumed. And conversely, if you want to gain weight, you must eat more than you burn. Sounds like it should be true. Why doesn't it work?

First, your body is not a simple machine, always burning calories at the same rate. As soon as caloric intake is reduced, the body, being a very sophisticated machine whose sole purpose is to ensure survival, reduces the metabolism. So you think, I will lose some weight by eating less and your body says, “Whoa, there’s a problem here. I better slow down the burn rate to ensure we don’t run out of energy.” Checkmate on calories in.

The other side of the caloric balance equation is increasing the burn rate by increased exercise. All diet plans have an exercise component to them. Get more active and burn more calories. What happens after working out and expending more energy? Your hunger skyrockets! And you are supposed to eat less on your diet. Not going to happen for long. Checkmate on calories out. This program cannot be maintained. Failure is enevitable.

Why you get fat on a diet

First, a clarification on caloric balance. Yes it is technically true that to ultimately lose weight, more calories have to be expended than consumed. But, if you focus on counting calories to limit intake and try to manage your body’s use of calories, you will fail. You are getting fat because of the type of calories consumed. And then you consume more calories to feed your fat body.

The one secret all lose body fat diets don’t understand

It is what you eat that matters. If you eat the right foods, calories in will take care of themselves due to the foods satiating hunger naturally. If you eat the wrong foods and simply try to eat less of them, you will not be happy with the outcome.

Here’s the plan to win the diet battle

First, think of diet as a noun as in, this is what I eat. This is my diet. Forget about the verb diet. Dieting is about restriction and not eating stuff you really want. It’s too hard to go on a diet (verb). But it is possible to design a diet (noun) of foods that both taste great and fuel your body so overeating is not possible (or at least likely).

Your body needs vitamins, minerals, energy sources and different amino acids to take care of itself. It either gets these things from food eaten or makes the stuff from other elements in the body. An essential protein or essential fat has to be provided by the diet. The term “essential” means it is needed by the body for health and the body cannot produce it on its own. It must be provided by the diet.

There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. It is possible to survive without eating any carbohydrates.

Energy for the body is produced from either carbohydrates or fats. The body can burn both as fuel. The problem with relying on carbohydrates for fuel is that if they are not consumed immediately, some or all of them will end up being stored as fat in adipose tissue. The modern diet is overrun with cheap, highly processed carbohydrates. They are ubiquitous. And this is the problem.

Focus on what you eat, not how much. Cut back drastically or eliminate refined carbohydrates. Breads, crackers, pasta, baked goods, chips and just about everything packaged in bags and boxes in your pantry. It is a myth that “whole” grains are somehow better for you. Most grains and especially wheat grains are your enemy. Substitute good source of carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables for the cheap, grain based products.

Add in good sources of fats to fuel the body. No, fat does not make you fat. Another myth. Good fats are from animal fat in beef and pork, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil and avocados. Getting more good fats into your diet is the key to success. This is what provides energy and fills you up, preventing overeating

Forget about the plethora of lose body fat diets on the market. It is the wrong strategy. Focus on what to eat that is good for you, not how to consume less of the crappy food you are already eating. Cheap carbs are killing you. Fat (good fat) is your friend.

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