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Working Towards A Specific Weight Loss Goal…
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Working Towards A Specific Weight Loss Goal…

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Try eating oats for breakfast, and when I say oats I mean real oats and not the flavoured kind you get in ready made packets. Good old fashioned rolled porridge oats with some skimmed milk or water and a squeeze of agarve or honey with a chopped banana or maybe some berries will help you kick start your day. This breakfast is packed full of fibre and will release energy slowly so you will feel fuller for longer.

Pineapples are an excellent food to eat when working towards a weight loss goal. They have excellent amounts of fibre, they assist in maintaining a healthy metabolism and they also contain bromolina which aids in the breaking down of proteins. Oranges and kiwi fruit have a high level of vitamin C which helps the body by converting fats into energy as well as being an excellent source of fibre.

When it comes to metabolism, green tea is fantastic! Green tea contains catechins and caffeine which are two substances that have been shown to rev up the metabolism. Try drinking two to four cups a day to help your body burn some extra calories each day.

You may not think to do this but vinegar contains acetic acid which speed up the body’s capability of processing bad fats and calories. Try adding some vinegar to sauces and dressings as a fun and more palatable way of getting these ingredients into your diet.

You may hear some people say that drinking power drinks during a healthy eating plan or diet regime is a good idea for increasing your energy levels. It is my belief that these power drinks actually release their energy much too fast to be of any real benefit. Energy being released slowly over time is much more beneficial to maintaining a healthy weight loss program.

If you drink whole milk, why not try swapping this with skimmed milk? Skimmed milk usually contains half of the calories of regular whole milk and also, as an added benefit, includes more calcium and phosphorus which can help the body to break down fats.

Have you ever made your own fruit juice? Drinking a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice is far better for you than drinking any powdered or artificial juices that are on the market. Freshly squeezed fruit Juices are filled with essential minerals and vitamins that we need to maintain a healthy balanced diet and could be one of your 6 small intakes of food per day.

Another great piece of advice is to really try to cut your portion sizes down. Now this can be easier said than done especially if you are used to cooking for a family. For a time, I found that I either cooked way too much with plates piled high or not enough at all leaving us all feeling unsatisfied. I know it seems easy to do but adjusting your portion sizes down a little at a time is a really great way to stop eating too much when you don’t really need to.

Finally, don’t set your end goal too high, try to keep your expectations in sight so that you’re more capable of achieving what you set out to. If you are doing well you can always re-set the bar but there is nothing worse than having very high expectations about how much weight you can realistically lose and then when you don’t come anywhere near it, it is so easy to become de-motivated and give up altogether.

Best of Luck!

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