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History Of Beer
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I must admit that I didn't know there is so many brands of beer .Just searching on google I found lots differant types.

These are a few I remember Wildcat Lager,Wildberry Mead, Sleemens Cream Ale, Poppers Wild Ice, Sleemens Honey Brown Lager, Silver Creek Lager, Red Baron Line and Big Rock India Pale Ale.I read an interesting fact about a law of purity for beer.The pledge states that only four ingredients can be used in the production of beer,water malted barley, malted wheat and hops.Yeast was acceptable because it was the key ingredient of the brewing process. Beer was so valuable in some villages, workers were paid with beer. By the fifteen century hops was used in Flemish beer imported into England.The sixteenth century hops was used as a preservative instead of leaves and bark. In the 1880 there were 2400 breweries in the USA making beer in the classic style.

You can find one of the biggest selections of beers in the world at an establishment called The Beer shop in Ontario,Canada.It offers more than 350 different brands of beer from a round the world.

Here are a few facts about beer. Beer has a shelf life of three months. Jean Talon was the frist person in Canada to build a commercial brewery in Quebec in 1668. Beer is brewed with natural products and you can wash your hair in beer.Wow.

At the Toronto's Festival of Beer; Canadians celebrate the history of beer. Experts from all a round the world come and celebrate their craft of brewing.There are a 120 brands of beer on show .All beer drinkers are welcome to the festival of the golden beverage.

The best beer I have tasted here in South Africa was made by a man called Charles Glass. The beer name is Castle Lite and its big brother Castle Lager.


Merle is a resident of South Africa and leads a quiet life with her husband. She has two daughters and a grand child. She has a house on the coast of Kwazulu Natal also known as The kingdom of the Zulu.

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