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Make Wine At Home
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Make Wine at Home

Do you raise fruit on your property? Perhaps you live in a fruit growing area. If you have access to fruit of good quality you can use it to make line in your own kitchen.

I raise cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, apples, pears and grapes on my property. I do not have a farm nor do I have an orchard. Any when who has any property at all, even a city lot, can raise fruit. And in a fruit can be made into wine.

My wife’s caregiver does not make wine. She Kansan freezes the fruit and she makes grape juice. However, many people like wine and they would like to be able to make their own wine. If you have quality fruit, you can make quality wine and it is not difficult nor expensive to do so.

Any kind of berries make good wine. The secret is to have a good teacher to show you the steps of wine making and the additives that are required to produce flavor will quality wine. You can put your own label on such good wine. You will be very popular with your neighbors. However as a warning, your in-laws may come over more often.

Fruit Quality

As I said, high-quality wine comes from high-quality fruit. Wines are often known by the grapes that are used, grapes are produced in a particular geographical area. You probably already know the name of some of those wine. If you are growing grapes to make your own wine, then you’ll want to bone up on how to raise quality grapes. But the same can be said for other fruits.

I want to emphasize that fruit quality is very important. You do not want to use bruised fruit for example. You want fresh fruit that you can process it immediately before the fruit loses its flavor. You want that flavor to show up in your final product.

Wine Recipes

Recipes for wines are readily available on the Internet. But you might want to make sure that you are receiving your information from a quality wine maker, one who is experienced in making fine wine. There are a number of websites and books and videos to show you how to make wine, good wine that you will be proud to share with friends and neighbors. There are wine-making kits to make your life easier. There are wine-making secrets to be learned.


Good wine comes from good fruit. You will need to learn how to make wine at home from an expert to assure that you are making a good product to share with friends and family.

Street Talk

Anna Ware  

Brilliant I thought that wine had to be made out of grapes. It sounds absolutely idyllic to have those fruits in once garden, lucky you. Thank you for a good read.

  about 6 years ago
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