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Taste Red Wine
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Taste Red Wine

Red Wine Tasting Tips

Enhancing your enjoyment from wine is in direct relation to your understanding and appreciating wine's distinguishing characteristics. Once you learn how totaste wine you will be able to choose your wine wisely to complement your meals and your mood. Part art and part science, wine tasting requires you to relate to the following guidelines before when tasting wine:

1. Color and Appearance

2. Bouquet/ Aroma

3. Fruit/ Taste Characteristics

4. Balance between fruit, sugar, acid and tannin

5. Finish

Below I will provide a some information on every tasting element to get you started.

1. Color and Appearance - Red wines come in many different shades of red from bright berry to purple and sometimes even almost brown. Wines may also change their color as they mature. The important thing in this tasting category is simply to observe the color even before the first sip and reflect upon it: is it a beautiful color? Is it clear? What does it hint?

2. Bouquet/ Aroma - The two key points here are the intensity of the aroma (powerful or subdued, as example) and the characteristic of the aroma. What does the aroma remind you of? Generally speaking, the better the quality of the wine the stronger the aroma is.

3. Fruit/ Taste Characteristics - The better the wine, the more intense fruit flavor you will notice. Red wines typically either taste like fresh red berries (cherries, strawberries, raspberries and currants) or taste like black fruit (blackberries, blueberries, plum, raisins and blackcurrants). You may also taste flavors that you would not initially expect such as vanilla or pepper.

4. the Balance is extremely important for a good wine. The fruit flavors, sweetness, acid, and tannin need to be in harmony. Acidity is essentially the crispness of the wine. It provides the refreshing feeling. White wines are usually more acidic than red. To better understand this, imagine the feeling you get when biting into a green apple versus when biting into a red apple. The green would be more acidic and more refreshing. Sweetness and acidity balance each other. Tannin, on the other hand, is the ingredient in the wine that creates the drying effect and makes the mouth pucker. It is an astringent that we typically feel covering our teeth after drinking red wine. Tannin and acidity reinforce one another.

5. Finish - The finish is the last impression the wine leaves. It is the taste that stays after we swallow the wine. Powerful good finish would be around 30 seconds of joy in the mouth when you linger on the good notes of the wine. Some finishes are linear and do not develop. The truly great wines provide complex finishes that keep on developing in the mouth.

There is really much more to say about wine... One can devote a life time to study, explore and enjoy it. The above describes in a nutshell the five basic elements that are the key to evaluating wine. If you wish to continue exploring the fascinating world of red wine, I recommend you get some hands on experience with the inexpensive wine tasing kit by 2basnob. The kit has instructions on how to perform wine tasting, tasting sheets, quick tips, contest instructions and much more.

For $13.95 you'll get all this plus bonus material for you and your friends to enjoy a great night of wine tasting. I will be happy if you would drop me a line telling me how your event was at jazzymikeg at yahoo or to ask anything.

Cheers, Michael

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