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Dollhouse By the Kardashians - A Best Seller?
Well they've done it again... ok maybe not again, Dollhouse by the Kardashians is actually the first novel from the famous threesome; it's a fictional novel but some will agree that it's largely based on the real-life drama of the Kardashian family. The title, "Dollhouse" is in fact the result…
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Special Agent My Life on the Front Lines As A Woman In the Fbi By Candice Delong
The craziest thing is happening as I search for a book to review. My books are actually getting dusted! The book, Special Agent My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI, by Candice Delong is authored also with Elisa Petrini. It has a dedication page listing…
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The 50 Shades Grey Book Review
The 50 Shades of Grey book review attempts to overview the first book of the best selling trilogy series. Written by British author EL James, the book is set mainly in Seattle USA. The book follows Anastasia Steele a very na├»ve college student completing her final year of college. Moving…
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Unveil the Mystery Of A Woman's Soul With the Book Captivating
Captivating is a book written by the spouses Stasi and John Eldredge. Stasi and John with their dedication to the Christianity, serving in the Ransomed Heart have helped numerous people to transform their lives by the beauty of the Gospel and with an intimate romance with Jesus Christ. The book…
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