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Choose The Purse That Fits Your Style
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A purse is an important accessory for a woman. She carries it with her when she goes places, like work, the mall, the movie theatre, and out with friends. It contains items that she needs, such as money, her cell phone, and her keys. Her purse is part of her. It reflects her style. There are different styles of purses available, such as those with a s hort strap and those with a long strap that hangs from the woman's shoulder. A woman chooses a purse based on her needs and her personal tastes.

Some women, for example, might want a purse in one single bright color, polka dots, or stripes, for example. These women would want to stand out. They would be hoping to attract attention to themselves. Not all women want to stand out, of course. Some want to blend in.

A woman who wants to blend in might choose a purse in a neutral color such as brown or black. With a purse in a neutral color, a woman can walk through a crowd in places such as the mall and be more likely to be left alone. By being left alone, she can accomplish her goals. She might be shopping for a particular item, such as the new Kelly Clarkson CD. She goes to the music store, browses the appropriate rack, and finds the CD she is looking for. She smiles to herself, glad to have some new music to add to her collection. Another goal that a woman might wish to accomplish while at the mall is burning calories to help her lose weight. To accomplish this goal, she would walk. She might make several laps around the entire mall. Activity like this would help her to lose weight.

My own purse is a Mary Kay bag. I do not sell Mary Kay, but the bag gives me plenty of room for the items I need, such as my wallet and keys. I even have room for the composition notebook that I use for my articles. I like using this bag for my purse because it has a window in it. The window is designed to advertise the current Mary Kay catalog to prospective customers. I use the window to advertise my blog. I design an advertisement that promotes my blog, and I theme the advertisement for upcoming holidays or special events. Hopefully, the advertising has helped me to pick up a few readers along the way.

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