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Why I Want To Get A Facial
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Many teens have a problem with acne. They buy various products that they learn about from television in an effort to deal with their problem. Then, with proper skin care, their condition eventually improves.

As a teen, I dealt with the same issues that other teens deal with. However, despite these issues, I was fortunate enough to get through my teen years without having an acne problem. Since I did not have an acne problem, I did not get the scars that usually go with acne.

Now that I am older, I am concerned about my appearance. I watch my weight, I try to get enough sleep, and I pay attention to my skin. There are two reasons why I want my face to look good.

First, my husband and I have been in several movies together, and we would like to continue this work. Having good skin can help me to land a movie role. I previous movies I was in, I was an extra. I was used as scenery. I am hoping that one day I might perhaps get a speaking part in a movie or perhaps even a part that allowed me to sing, if singing could be worked into the movie somehow. I am not hoping to be cast in a musical—just a regular movie with dialogue, a good cast, and a good story. In addition to movie work, there is another reason why I want to have good skin: public speaking.

Though I am an introvert, I would like to eventually get into public speaking. This field would allow me to travel, meet people, and earn a good living to support my family. It might also help me to come out of my shell a bit. I could go to schools, for example, where I could talk about why to get involved in school activities. I would likely get more invitations to speak if I have good skin.

I would love to go to a spa for a facial. I imagine that it would feel really good. However, I would not want a bird poop facial. The idea of putting bird poop on my face sounds really disgusting. I would love to have a facial using nicer-sounding substances—substances that would remove the dirt and oil and leave my face feeling fresh and clean.

Afterward, I would leave the spa and go on with my day, and the world would get to see the new me.

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It's O.K. Please don't worry about it. I decided that I wanted to rework my previous article--go at it from a different angle. :)

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