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Why So Many Women Love To Wear High Heel Shoes
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Why do women love to wear high heel shoes? This is actually something of a mystery to the majority of female shoe wearers, who complain that they can’t walk in them, or find them uncomfortable. However, it is no mystery to the women who love them. High heeled shoes have the ability to stir emotions within the wearer like no other shoes and change a person’s entire silhouette. It may sound like madness, but these are just some of the reasons why women love wearing high heels.

Probably the most common reason that women love wearing high heels is that they can cause different optical Illusions. The most obvious illusion is making someone look a lot taller than they are. The increased height is something that many women whatever their height crave but some shorter women feel that high heels are a necessity as they say that it can be difficult always looking up at people. However, it isn’t just a person’s height that changes. Wearing high heels will also make any wearer look slimmer and there’s not many women who would complain about that!

Just as high heels give the illusion of height and slimness, they also lengthen the leg and balance out someone’s silhouette. This is particularly useful for people blessed with a long body and shorter legs. If high heels are worn with wide-legged trousers or a maxi skirt where the heels are hidden, no one will suspect that as much as five or six inches has been added to someone’s height. And no one should underestimate how a pair of high heels can finish an outfit, especially those worn for special occasions such as weddings and parties, giving the wearer an added elegance.

Some people think that high heels are not for walking, but just for standing. However, whenever a woman wear high heels they will walk quite differently than when wearing a pair of flats. Of course for some women this means that they walk very badly as they can’t manage the increased height and wobble precariously on thin heels , walking with their bottoms sticking out. However, for those who can walk comfortably in high heels, the increased height makes them feel more confident about themselves. This increased confidence often has a physical effect on their stance, standing and walking with a straighter back, often with their head held higher.

Confidence is not the only emotion that high heels cause. For some women high heels make them feel sexy, for others more elegant as they add heels to that special outfit and for others they feel more powerful such as in the workplace. Of course in recent years heels have got higher and more extreme as designers have gone wild with a range of unusual heels, including Perspex filled with money or intricately carved wood. Many women who have bought these shoes, with their quirky heels have done so because they love to be at the forefront of fashion or they just love to have fun with their shoes.

And that is the essence of why so many women love to wear high heels. They wear them because they make them feel better, and that’s something it's hard to argue against. Yes, some of the things such as feeling more confident, may seem trivial to anyone who is not a fan of heels, but for many women the positive emotions they experience from their high heeled shoes means that they will always remain a wardrobe staple. Let's face it you can wear all different types of shoes, but there is nothing to beat the feeling of wearing a very, very high heel indeed.

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