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3 Kettlebell Exercises For Women That Get Sexy Results!
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3 Kettlebell Exercises For Women That Get Sexy Results!

Kettlebells are the best kept secret in women's fitness. And even though their popularity is quickly spreading, many find it hard to believe that such a small tool on it's own can get such incredible fitness results.

Their design and methods of training are absolutely ideal for any woman looking to get that sexy body she's always wanted. Whether it be sexy gluts, toned upper body, long beautiful legs, or a powerful core, this unique tool will help you get these results & in a much shorter amount of time than just about any training method, machine, or some fancy hardcore workout. Below are 3 kettlebell exercises for women that will get sexy results and are great for women of all training levels!

1. The swing. Works the entire core, back & arms. This exercise is the most common exercise utilized in kettle ball training. However, it is also the one which most people get wrong, even so called professionals. The swing involves you standing with your feet about 2 feet apart, popping your hip and literally swinging the kettle ball between your legs and up to your shoulder level, then down, and up over and over.

Now a common mistake with the swing is that some videos and pictures show that during the swing, you have to bend your back or your knees while swinging. This is incorrect form! Not only is it incorrect, but it also counteracts the effect of the exercise. It's called the swing for a reason! You're literally swinging it without putting any pressure on the rest of the body. Do not bend your knees or your back while doing this exercise! In fact it's best to use a video with the correct form as reference.

2. Snatch Pull & Push Press (with an added bonus!). This exercise works the legs, gluts & back. In this position you stand 2 feet apart again, put the kettle ball on the ground, bend your back into a 90 degree angle with your legs, grab it with both arms & lift your back. As you lift the ball using the motion of your back, once the back is in a straight position, use both hands to lift the kettle ball to your chest area.

Bonus part: This extra motion in this exercise is absolutely great for the gluts! Remaining in a standing straight position with the ball held in front of your chest, bend your knees while maintaining the ball in the same position at your chest. Then rise and lift the ball as high as you can with both arms. Then slowly drop the ball back to the ground. That is a snatch pull & push press!

3. Dead lift. Trains the back & gluts & arms. This exercise is very similar to the second. The only difference is that it stops way earlier. Simply start in the same position with the ball as you did in in the second exercise. Now lift your back up into a straight position and use that momentum to lift the ball. Remember in this exercise, it's the back that lifts the ball, not the arms! Now drop the ball back to the ground and repeat the exercise.

Most kettlebell exercises for women are very simple to understand and perform. However their difficulty comes when you repeat these exercises whether it be for a minute, 2 minutes or more. Never the less, the above exercises work more muscles that most machines at the gym and get results way faster than traditional exercising.

If you are a beginner female kettlebell user, be sure to use accurate videos when performing these exercises. They will help you attain the results you've always dreamed off. These tools are literally the hidden gen in female fitness!

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