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All Signs Of Pregnancy
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All Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sensitive issue. To some (anticipating parents) it could be a source of joy, to others (youths) it may mark the genesis of a bleak future. Youths are afraid of pregnancy basically because they are often unplanned and or unwanted pregnancies. Among the reasons for this is that most of them are still studying and thus the idea of being a parent at such a tender age isn’t welcome if the associated responsibilities are anything to go by. Couples on the other side are often overwhelmed by the news of the pregnancy as this is a De-facto way of consummating their marriage.

Pregnancy refers to the fertilization and development of an embryo (one or more offspring) in a woman’s uterus (womb) .During pregnancy women go through different experiences basically because of the difference in body hormonal changes. However, there are exists some uniformity in most of these signs which have over the time evolved to become the rule of thumb in a woman’s attempt to predict her status(of pregnancy).

To be able to notice some if not most of these signs, a woman requires a mastery of her body both physically and harmonically. If that is so, she could be able to predict pregnancy as soon as it’s conceived. This period is usually about ten days after conception, when the embryo (fertilized egg) fixes itself to the uterine wall. These signs include:-

Tingling and prickling nipples

It is among the pioneer signs occurring after a week of conception or so. This is due to the increased blood supply to the breast especially around the nipples triggered by the pregnancy hormones.

Bleeding or spotting

It could be caused by egg implantation into the uterus. Involves a brown or slight pink colored stain in the knickers or when peeing, add to cramping. There maybe a little bleeding arising from the breaking of the menstrual hormones.

Feeling sick

One may feel queasy and nauseated, or even vomit. This happens all day long though is more proactive in the mornings because stomach acids accumulate overnight

Enlarged Breasts

Breasts become extremely tender to touch daily. They seem bigger with visible blue veins just below the skin. This is a common occurrence during the first trimester (about six weeks from conception) but eases with the progress of the pregnancy.


It’s prevalent in the first and third trimesters though isn’t enough a sign in isolation.

Frequent urination

It is found after about six weeks from conception. It is comes about by larger blood volumes, strenuous kidney functions and pregnancy hormones.

Darkening breast nipples

The areolas get darker at about the eighth week with the nipples becoming erect or having pronounced bumps around them. The vulva changes to a deep purplish red color.

Loss of or increased appetite

This entails food aversions and/or cravings which if more pronounced coupled with the above signs should show grounds for pregnancy.

Missed menstrual cycle(s)

This is one of the concrete signs of pregnancy if your periods are regular.

Other pregnancy signs include: itching, constipation, heart-burns and unpredictable allergies; changes in balance, severe headaches, blurred vision and severe pain in the right side of the abdomen.

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