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Alternative Remedies For Fibroids
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There are a number of alternative remedies for fibroids and you may have already heard of many of them. Strategies such as changing your diet, losing weight and taking herbal remedies are all well-documented. However, there are a number of less well-known therapies which can be very helpful.

Maya Abdominal Massage

This is a popular form of massage amongst women suffering from gynecological issues and fertility problems. It is often undertaken by women who have already tried conventional remedies and found them to be unsuccessful. It takes the form of a gentle massage focused on realigning the internal organs and increasing the blood supply to the uterus. The massage techniques can help to gently reposition the uterus which may have become displaced and many women find that the use of castor oil packs can enhance the treatments.

Emotional Freedom Technique

One common contributory factor as far as uterine fibroids are concerned is stress. This is not just a "loose" connection, but it is well-known that stress triggers hormonal imbalances. Emotional Freedom Technique is a method of releasing any deeply buried negative emotions which can cause other physical symptoms including headaches, depression, anxiety and overeating. As far as alternative remedies for fibroids are concerned, this is worthy of consideration if you are noticing any of the aforementioned signs of stress on a regular basis. This therapy works by concentrating on the meridian pressure points on the face, head, hands and chest to release blockages which are thought to cause negative energy.

Metamorphic Technique

This is a very relaxing alternative therapy which concentrates on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head. It is a very light technique and the strokes are often described as "feather light". It is particularly helpful for insomnia and as lack of sleep can be a secondary factor in fibroid growth, it is certainly worthy of mention.

Tui Na

Many alternative remedies for fibroids concentrate on massage techniques of varying intensity and type. Tui Na is based on ancient Chinese practices and focuses on the release of key energy channels to stimulate the body's own healing process. It is helpful for many conditions, including back and joint problems, insomia, headaches, asthma and painful periods, such as those caused by fibroids.

No genuine therapist would suggest that on their own, alternative remedies for fibroids will cure the condition. However, if you are close to the menopause (when the condition naturally abates) or your symptoms are mild, then you may find that they give you enough relief to live with your fibroids whilst deciding whether or not to take further action.

In the meantime, if your symptoms are causing disruption to your everyday life, there is much which can be done using natural fibroid treatment without resorting to drastic surgery.

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