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Can Fibroids Turn Cancerous?
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Very often, as women we worry about our health and getting cancer represents a real fear for many.  Cancers which form within the reproductive organs can be particularly worrying as they can be difficult to detect and often display no symptoms until the growth is pronounced.  In addition, monthly periods and the associated cramping can often mask what could be sinister cancerous symptoms.

Uterine fibroids are not cancerous and by their very nature, fibroids cannot turn cancerous after growing. Having said that, fibroids are the result of having fast growing cells in the uterus and some doctors believe that the presence of any fast growing cells in the body could possibly be a precursor to a cancerous growth elsewhere and may wish to deal with the fibroids. 

Although fibroids themselves are not dangerous, cancer can grow anywhere in the body and it is therefore vital to determine that what you think is a fibroids, really is just that-a benign fibroid.

When cancers do occur in the uterus, they are usually one of four types:-

  1. Ovarian Cancer - Often a deadly cancer as it is difficult to detect. The ovaries are buried deep within the abdomen and any changes are often not noticed.  There is a blood test which can be performed but the results are not reliable.
  2. Cervical Cancer - This is often detected after routine smear tests which will pick up an abnormal cell changes. Sometimes women will notice symptoms themselves such as slight spotting or bleeding between periods.  This is usually a slow growing cancer and can take up to 20 years to develop and so there is a reasonably high cure rate
  3. Cancer of the Endometrium - A very dangerous cancer which commonly affects women over 35.  This represents around 13% of female cancers. Common factors amongst sufferers include being obese, never having children, having irregular periods, having high estrogen levels, high blood pressure, diabetes and early menstruation.
  4. Vaginal Cancer - A thankfully rare cancer.  The risk is increased for women who have had exposure to the artificial estrogen known as DES.

So for those women wondering "can fibroids turn cancerous", thankfully the answer is no. True fibroids do not mutate and therefore women who worry about the possibility of this happening upon diagnosis of fibroids can rest easy.

Providing that you have received confirmation from your doctor that you have fibroids and therefore not a cancerous condition, you could consider trying natural treatment, certainly before resorting to surgery or drug treatment, neither of which are permanent solutions.

If you would like more details, please visit Natural Fibroid Treatment.  Alternative remedies to conventional treatment can work extremely well providing you are prepared to embrace your own healing.

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