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Diet For Kidney Problems
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Diet for Kidney Problems

If you currently suffer from kidney stones, kidney disease, or other kidney ailments then you may need to take a closer look at a diet for kidney problems. There are many benefits to using a healthy kidney diet.

A healthy diet is a good practice in general, but someone dealing with kidney problems must pay special attention to ones diet. Without a specialized diet plan individuals with damaged kidneys, kidney stones or even kidney disease may require medical attention or treatments.There are number of factors that determine diet choices for someone with kidney health challenges. Lets have a look at what some are

  • Current kidney health and levels of kidney function
  • your general health including other medical problems you may have
  • weight, and your daily habits

There are 5 main food categories that play a major role in kidney health


Protein is the building block of our muscles and is important, but too much of this can have a negative effect for ones kidney problems. One specific protein source should be limited and that is animal protein.try limiting your intake of red meats, eggs, and chicken.


Sodium is an important staple in anyone's diet but needs to be watched. In fact without sodium we could not survive due to its important to our metabolic functions. The majority of people usually do consume more than necessary and this can be hard on kidney function. Try to avoid processed foods, Salted nuts, chips, soups from cans, bacon, and try limiting the salt you add to your meals.


Potassium plays a vital role in our nerve, and muscle health. Research suggest though that to much potassium can lead to health problems. Lots of the foods we eat contain forms of potassium so people concerned about there kidneys should be aware of there potassium intake. Try to limit foods such as bananas, mushrooms, oranges, tomatoes, and even beets.


The filtering of fluids is one of the most important things your kidneys do. It is recommend to consume at lease 8 glasses of water a day. Someone with kidney stones may also want to drink distilled water as it does not contain trace metal and impurities that can add to ones problems. Some things beverages to stay away from that can be hard on your kidneys are drinks that contain acidic properties like pop, juices, and other carbonated beverages.Try to keep alcohol to minimal levels. Alcohol is hard on our kidneys in general if consumed in excess.

in conclusion it comes down to making healthy choices, and limiting the bad ones. It is very important that we take care of our kidneys and general health. Our bodies should be considered our biggest asset. That is why it is highly suggested to adapt a specialized diet for kidney problems.

Street Talk

Good info! I used to be so heavy on the coffee I got kidney pains, and now I`m trying to do some damage control. (pssst... typo under sodium"its important")

  about 9 years ago

Yes we all need to treat our kidney;s with care, thanks for a interesting article.

  about 9 years ago
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