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Easy Home Exercises For A Weak Pelvic Floor
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Nearly all women at some point in their lives will experience a weak pelvic floor and that is often due to pregnancy and child-birth, also it simply comes with age. The pelvic floor is a large muscle that connects all of the internal structures of the woman’s reproductive system and womb.

Having a weak pelvic floor means that you might experience incontinence and also less satisfying sexual feeling. No woman wants to deal with this as a natural part of the aging process and you don’t have to anymore. There are some really easy home exercises that you can do that will help strengthen the muscles and help get you feeling back to your natural self.

Examples of Exercises For The Pelvic Floor

The method that is most trusted and widely used is called a kegel exercise. It’s something that can be done anywhere including the office at home and even while doing errands without anyone else knowing they are being done. The best way to explain how you know you’re doing it right is when you sit down to urinate while you are going you stop the stream mid flow.

That squeeze of the muscles that stops the flow is exactly the sort of movement for the muscles that you want. So practice a few times while going to the bathroom till you feel comfortable and confident with the movement of your body and muscles.

You squeeze the muscles and hold it for a few seconds then release you can start with a few sets of this movement around 12 times in a row, with a small few second break in between each one and then let yourself rest. You have to remember that this is a muscle and if it’s not used to working this way you might have a bit of tenderness or soreness for the first couple of days.

That’s perfectly normal and natural for someone with a weak pelvic floor. Indeed, consider it a good sign as it means your muscles are working hard. You can do these exercises while sitting, standing or even laying down depending on your mobility and how you feel most comfortable.

You might also want to take into consideration that your muscles will need to be worked out during times of stress as well. Some women can have incontinence issues while laughing or even coughing or sneezing. In addition to your regular exercises try doing some quick tightening and releasing of the muscles during the day as well.

Tightening the pelvic muscle for just a second or two and then letting it relax again is a good idea. This will help train your muscles to tighten up under stress as well as to tighten up the muscles during sexual activity.

How Soon Will You See Results?

You can expect to see real results within 3 months of starting and daily exercise. There are also devices to measure the strength of the "squeeze" which you can buy quite economically which will help you make sure that you are actually contracting the muscle tightly enough. This is helpful for women who have trouble with feeling or sensitive in the weak pelvic floor in the first place. Dedication and making sure you do it every single day will help improve muscle tone, feeling and sensitivity all naturally.

If you have a weakened pelvic floor, then don't lose heart, commitment to doing the exercises can really help and you can also consider trying a pelvic floor toner to speed up the process.

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