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Fat Loss For Women
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Fat Loss for Women

Okay, so let’s be honest. When it comes to fat loss for women, and I’m talking the all natural kind…it’s hard work. It’s probably best that we accept that right up front. In fact, I think we need to in order to have success with losing fat and dropping extra weight from our bodies.

Why is it so hard?

Well, the bottom line is that we have to work at it. For effective results in the fastest time possible you have to exercise…and break a sweat! (That’s not the norm for a lot of women who currently workout.) In addition, you have to say no to food that you would…and maybe have, love to indulge in on a daily basis. Many would consider that to be a form of deprivation which puts a bad connotation on the idea.

Having said this though, all we’ve done is just laid out the truth. Isn’t it much easier to take on a task when you know the real deal though, rather than get hit with the unexpected along the way?

So since we’ve put the truth out there to expect that your journey to get rid of fat and lose weight in a natural healthy way will be hard, the next step is to get into some details. Let’s do that now.

First, we’ll talk exercise. And when we say exercise, we mean getting beads of sweat rolling of your forehead. And to be in true fat burning mode, that sweat isn't an occasional drip here and there. It's a drip worse than leaking water faucet.

Doing exercise to lose fat means getting your heart pumping by pushing your body to lift heavier weight and go fast on a treadmill, bike, elliptical…or whatever your choice of cardiovascular activity may be.

There’s no reading the paper or talking on the phone while working in a greatly misunderstood mode referred to as “fat loss” on the elliptical machine.

Don’t believe me? Have you seen results from doing it yet?

No, fat loss exercise requires working for a minimum of 20 minutes while maintaining a highly elevated heart rate at least 3 times per week. (For quicker results do it 5 times a week.) It also means lifting weights that will cause your muscle to burn from lactic acid build-up and repeating the resistance training bouts 5 times a week for faster results.

Fat loss for women also means eating less and eating the right things all at the right times. Indulging on a frequent basis becomes a thing of the past. While carbs are a requirement, the timing of your intake of those carbs and the amount of them will change to correspond with what will give optimal results in your fat loss efforts.

Now don’t get me wrong. When you start seeing results and when you achieve your fat and weight loss goals, you’ll agree that the effort was worth it. I mean, think about finally being able to wear that two-piece bathing suit or fitting back into jeans you out grew years ago. Oh, and what about the looks you’ll get from the guys passing you on the street? Heck, even your husband or boyfriend will respond to you pretty passionately I’m sure, when he see those new curves.

But in the meantime, while you’re on your way through this journey to lose fat by using these tough fat loss workout routines, you’ll find it to be a challenge. You’ll get frustrated, you may scream, and you may cry. You’ll probably want to give up several times. But knowing these challenges exist up front can help you get prepared and stay determined.

And as you cross each of your goal thresholds, you’ll find that the road becomes easier. The path is more exciting as you experience results and your new great looking and healthy body will thank you for the effort you made.

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